Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 47:20-28

Book 10: Forty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 47: Verses 20-28

0 friend of our beloved Lord ! sent (back) by our Darling (though stung with our pungent words), have you come (to us) again ? (If so,) ask what you would (of us); (for) you are worthy of honour to me, 0 dear one I How will you take us-who are here-to His side, whose companionship is difficult to forgo (once it is had) ? (For) His (divine) Spouse, Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity), 0 gentle one, ever remains with Him on His very bosom (in the form a golden streak). Ah, is my Darling lit., son of one's father-in-law[1] now at Mathura (has returned from the house of His preceptor after completing His studies there)? Does He remember, 0 gentle one, his paternal house (the house of His godfather, Nanda) as well as His relations and (other) cowherds? Does He ever make any references to us His maid-servants ? Oh, when will He (return to Vraja and) place His arm, more fragrant (even) than aloe-wood, on our head (by way of consolation)? Sri Suka resumed : On hearing this (unprecedented) effusion of love, Uddhava forthwith spoke as follows to the cowherd women-who had been pining for a sight of Sri Krsna---comforting them with messages (of love) from their beloved Lord.

Uddhava said : Oh, you (Gopis) have (all) your objects accomplished indeed and are the adored of (all) the worlds in that your mind is so (fully and exclusively) absorbed in Lord vasudeva. Devotion to Sri Krsna indeed is sought to be attained through charitable gifts, fasting, austerities pouring oblations into the sacred fire, muttering prayers, study of the Vedas, self-control and various other virtuous practices. It is a matter for congratulation that the ideal of supreme devotion to the divine Lord of excellent renown-which is hard to attain even for sages-has been set up by you. It is (further) gratifying (to note) that you (all) have sought the Supreme Person under the name of Sri Krsna neglecting (your) children, husbands and other relations, dwellings, nay, (your very) bodies. Due to (your) separation (from the Lord) you have developed exclusive devotion to Sri Krsna (which has enabled you to behold Him in all that meets the eye). (Nay,) you have conferred a (great) boon on me (by thus affording me an opportunity to witness your unprecedented love with my own eyes), 0 highly blessed ones ! (Now) listen to the message of your Darling (Sri Krsna), which (i am sure) will bring joy to you and carrying which I, who execute His secret commissions, have come (to you), 0 good ladies !



  1. it is forbidden in our Stastras to utter one's own name or that of one's preceptor and other elders (including one's parents and grandparents, husband and his parents and so on), that of an abject miser or of one's eldest son or wedded wife even white dying;--

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