Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 62:1-12

Book 10: Sixty-two Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 62: Verses 1-12

Aniruddha made captive The king (Pariksit) submitted : Aniruddha, a (veritable) jewel among the Yadus,

married Bana's daughter, Usa, and in that connection (I am told) a great and terrible combat ensued between Sri Krsna and Lord Sankara. May you be pleased to tell me all this in detail, 0 great Yogi I Sri Suka replied : Bana was the eldest of the hundred sons of the high-souled Bali, by whom the (entire) globe was given away to the Lord who appeared (before him) in the form of the divine Dwarf. Sprung from his loins, Banal even took delight in devotion to Lord Siva. He was worthy of honour, liberal-minded, intelligent, true to his word and of firm resolve. He in those days ruled over the beautiful city known by the name of Sonitapura. By the grace of Lord Siva the gods, though adorable (themselves), behaved towards him as servants. Endowed (as he was) with a thousand arms, he propitiated Lord Siva (the Delighter of all) by playing upon (various) musical instruments during the tatter's Tandava dance. The almighty Sankara, the Ruler of all created beings, who affords shelter to all and is (so) fond of His devotees, bade him ask (of Him) a boon of his choice. Banasura sought His (constant) presence as a guardian of his city.
Touching His lotus-feet with his crown shining like the sun, Bana, intoxicated as he was with the pride of his prowess, spoke one day to the Lord of Kailasa, who was standing beside him, (as follows:-) "I bow to You, the Preceptor and Ruler of all the worlds, the celestial tree which grants the desires of men whose longings have not been sated, 0 supreme Deity! The thousand arms given by You (by way of a boon) have only proved a burden to me (so far); (for) in (all) the three worlds I do not find a well-matched rival other than You. Eager to fight, I proceeded, 0 most ancient Person, against the elephants guarding the quarters, pounding the mountains (even as I marched) with my arms full of itching (for a combat); but they too took speedily to their heels in terror." The Lord flew into a rage to hear that and said, "When your ensign is broken, your encounter will take place with one equal to Me; that will crush your pride, 0 foolish one !" Thus spoken to, the fool with a perverted mind withdrew to his palace, full of joy, 0 king, awaiting the fulfilment of the augury of Lord Siva (the Lord of Kailasa), even though it was expected to deal a crushing blow to his power. Even as a virgin, his daughter, Usa by name, enjoyed in a dream sexual delight with the lovely son of Pradyumna (viz., Aniruddha), who had (however) neither been seen nor heard of (by her) before.



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