Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 6:1-10

Book 10: sixth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 6: Verses 1-10
Deliverance of Putana

Sri Suka resumed : Pondering on his way that the words of Vasudeva (the son of Sura) could not be untrue, Nanda sought Sri Hari as his refuge, apprehensive as he was of the coming of startling events. Despatched by Kamsa, the terrible demoness Putana, who was given to (the practice of) killing infants, moved about in towns, villages, cowherdstations etc., killing infants (wherever she went). Ogresses and others find their way only there where people, though devoted to their duties, do not practise the hearing etc., of the names and stories of Lord Visnu (the Protector of devotees), capable of exterminating the ogres. Reaching Gokula, ruled over by Nanda, on one occasion, and disguising herself as a woman through her witchcraft, the said Putana, who was capable of coursing through the air and could go anywhere she pleased, entered the village. Seeing that lovely woman, clad in fine clothes, with jasmine flowers tucked to her braid, her slender waist pressed as it were between her bulky hips (below) and her full breasts (above), and with her face set off with curly locks radiant with the lustre of her swinging ear-rings, the Gopis thought her to be the most beautiful Laksmi (Herself), come to see Her Spouse, distinguished as she was by her hand bearing a lotus (the emblem of Laksmi) and captivating the mind of the inhabitants of Vraja by her side-long looks accompanied with sweet smiles. Hunting for infants and propelled by Providence, Putana (lit., an evil spirit seizing infants and causing their death) saw lying in a bed in that palace of Nanda, the Babe (Sri Krsna), the Destroyer of the wicked, with His immeasurable glory veiled, like fire buried under ashes. Recognizing her to be an evil spirit given to the destruction of infants, Sri Krsna (the Soul of the mobile and immobile creation) lay with His eyes utterly closed. She placed the infinite Lord, her very death, in her lap (even) as an ignorant man would a sleeping serpent, mistaking it for a rope. Seeing inside the house that excellent woman-whose (outward) behaviour was most affectionate (like that of a mother), though she was possessed of a cruel heart and thus resembled a sword encased in a charming scabbard- and overwhelmed with her splendour, the two mothers (Rohini and Yasoda) stood merely gazing. Taking Sri Krsna in her lap there, that cruel woman put into the Baby's mouth her dreadful breast besmeared with deadly poison. Squeezing it hard with both his hands, the Lord full of indignation forthwith sucked the poison along with her (very) life.



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