Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 9:1-17

Book 8: Chapter 9

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 9: Verses 1-17
Appearing in the form of Mohini (an enchanting damsel), the Lord deals out nectar among the gods

Sri Suka resumed: Having taken leave of (all) amity and adopted the ways of the robbers, and snatching the jar (of nectar) from and abusing one another, the Asuras caught sight of the approaching damsel. Running up to her with the words "Marvellous beauty! Amazing splendour !! Charming is her youthful age !!!" they questioned her (as follows), passion having been kindled (in their heart); (Tell us, who are you with eyes resembling the petals of a lotus? Where do you hail from?(Already) churning our hearts as it were, what do you intend doing (further) and whose daughter are you, O lovely one ? It is not that we do not know you as untouched (undefiled) before by immortals and Raityas, by Siddhas, Gandharvas and Caranas, (nay,) not even by the guardians of the spheres, much less by human beings. Have you been sent (here) by the merciful creator, O pretty one, in order to afford delight to the senses and mind of (all) embodied souls ? Certainly it is so. Such as you are, (pray,) bring peace (of mind) to us, who are contending fora common object and have (consequently) sontracted enmity (with one another), even though we are kins, O proud lady with a slender waist ! Being sons of the sage Kasyapa, we are (all) brothers and have exerted (our) strength (for the common good). (Pray,) divide the prize equitably, so that there may be no more quarrel (among us). Thus urged by the Daityas, Lord Sri Hari, who had assumed a feminine form through (His) Maya (deluding potency), beautifully laughed and spoke as follows, looking at them through the lovely corners of His eyes. The Lord observed: How, O sons of Kasyapa, have you reposed trust in me, a wanton woman ? Indeed a wise man would never put faith in lustful women. The wise declare the ties of friendship of wolves and wanton women, who are looking out for newer and newer delights, O enemies of gods, as inconstant.

Sri Suka went on: The Asuras, whose mind felt reassured by these jocular expressions of her, laughed a significant laugh, which was too deep (for the common man) to comprehend, and entrusted the jar of nectar to her. Having taken possession of the jar of nectar, Lord Sri Hari then said in a voice brightened with a gentle smile, "If you accept whatever is done by me, whether right or wrong, in any wise, l am prepared to divide this nectar among you (but not otherwise)." Hearing this utterance of that (divine) maiden, the leaders of the Asuras, who had no idea of Her greatness, agreed to Her condition, saying "Be it so". Then, having fasted (for a day) and finished (their) bath, (nay,) propitiated the fire through sacrificial offerings and bestowed (appropriate) gifts on cows and the Brahmanas as well as on (other) living beings, they had auspicious rites (such as the recitation of benedictory prayers) performed (for their success) by Brahmanas. (Again,) putting on a set of clothes altogether new according to their pleasure, and graced with ornaments in every limb, they all squatted on blades of Kusa grass that had their ends pointing to the east. When the gods as well as the Daityas (the sons of Diti) had taken their seat, with their faces turned towards the east, in a hall scented with fragrant fumes and adorned with wreaths of flowers and lights; that beautiful damsel, slow of gait due to her bulky hips, that were covered over with a charming piece of linen, with eyes swimming (as if) under intoxication and breasts resembling a pair of (small) vases, forthwith made her way into that chamber, jar in her hands, and warbling (as it were) through the jingling of her gold anklets, O ruler of men !



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