Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 12:1-12

Book 10: Twelfth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 12: Verses 1-12
Deliverance of Aghasura

Sri Suka resumed : Intending to have His midday meal in the forest, and arising early in the morning, on a certain day, Sri Hari issued forth from Vraja with calves going before Him, waking up His companions, the cowherd boys, with the charming sound of His horn. With "Him, again, affectionate boys equipped with lovely slings, canes, horns and flutes sallied forth with joy in thousands, driving before them each his own herd of calves consisting of more than a thousand each. Herding their own calves with the numberless calves of Sri Krsna and grazing them, they diverted themselves here and there with infantile sports, so the tradition goes. Already adorned with glass beads, Gunja seeds, gems and gold, they (further) decked themselves with fruits, tender leaves, bunches of flowers as well as single flowers, peacock feathers and minerals. Hiding one another's slings and other articles, they flung them away to .a distance when the things were discovered. Those seated there threw them farther away and returned them laughing (only when the robbed ones got overannoyed). If Sri Krsna went away to a distance in order to witness the sylvan beauty, they vied with one another in touching Him first and felt delighted to embrace Him. Some played on flutes, others blew horns; still others hummed in tune with bees, while some more uttered sweet notes with cuckoos.
Others took delight in running fast with the shadows of birds and walking gracefully in the company of swans, sitting in a line with herons and dancing with peacocks. Some more rejoiced in pulling the tails of monkeys and climbing up the trees alongwith them (holding their tails all the while). Nay, others made a wry face after the monkeys and leapt with them (from one bough to another) on trees. Still others, who dived in rivers and in cascades, hopped with frogs; while some made fun of their own reflections and cursed their echoes. Possessed of a (rich) store of merit, earned by them (in the past), they sported thus with Sri Krsna-who combines in Himself absolute existence, unmixed bliss and pure consciousness in the eyes of the wise-the supreme Deity in the eyes of those who have accepted His service and a (mere) human infant in the eyes of those who have hugged the Maya. Beyond the following how can it be possible to describe the good luck of the inhabitants of Vraja, within the range of whose vision stood in person the selfsame Lord the dust of whose feet cannot be had even by adepts in Yoga who have controlled their mind by rigid austerities continued through many lives.



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