Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 8:1-15

Book 4: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 8: Verses 1-15
Dhruva's departure for the woods

Maitreya continued : Sanaka and his three brothers (Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara), Narada, Rbhu, Hamsa, Aruni and Yati-these sons of Brahma (the creator) did not enter the life of a householder, since they had vowed themselves to a life of perpetual celibacy. Mrsa (the female spirit presiding over falsehood), who was the wife of Adharma (the spirit presiding over unrighteousness, another son of Brahma gave birth, O Vidura (destroyer of enemies), to Dambha (the spirit presiding' over dissimulation) and Maya (the female spirit presiding over deceit); and Nirrti (the demon presiding over the south-west), who was issueless, adopted the couple (as his son and daughter-in-law). Of these two (Dambha and Maya) were born Lobha (the spirit presiding over greed) and Nikrti (the female spirit presiding over wickedness), O Vidura (a man of great wisdom); and of these latter came into being Krodha (the spirit presiding over anger) and Himsa (the female spirit presiding over violence), from whom again, were sprung Kali (the spirit presiding over strife) and his sister Durukti (the female spirit presiding over abusive speech). Kali (in his turn) begot, through Durukti, Bhaya (the spirit presiding over fear) and Mrtyu (the female spirit presiding over death), O Vidura ( a noble soul); and of these two were born Niraya (the spirit presiding over hell) and Yatana (the female spirit presiding over the tortures of hell). (Thus) briefly have I told you, O sinless Vidura, about the family of Adharma (which leads to the dissolution of the universe). By hearing this genealogy, which sanctifies a man (by helping him in eschewing all these), thrice repeated, a man shakes off the impurity of his mind. Well, I shall now describe the line of Swayambhuva Manu of sacred renown, sprung from a part (the right half) of Brahma, himself a ray of Sri Hari, 0 scion of Kuru. Priyavrata and Uttanapada, the two sons of Satarupas lord (Manu), were (ever) intent on the protection of the world, endowed as they were with a ray (of the protective energy) of Lord Vasudeva. Suniti and Suruci were the two wives of Uttanapada, of these, Suruci (the younger one) was the more beloved of her lord, but not so the other one (Suniti), whose son was (the celebrated) Dhruva. On a certain day, while fondling Suruci's son, prince Uttama, whom he had seated on his lap, the king (Uttanapada) did not welcome Dhruva, who too sought to climb to his lap. To Dhruva, her co-wife's son, thus striving, Suruci, who was exceedingly proud (of the king's attentions), spitefully spoke (as follows), the king (quietly) listening :- "O child, you are not fit to ascend the royal throne, inasmuch as, though sprung from the king's loins, you were not conceived by me. Alas ! you are yet a child and surely know not that you were borne in the womb of another woman; that is why you aspire for an object so difficult to attain. Propitiating the Supreme Person through austere penance, seek (rebirth through) my womb by His grace if you covet the king's throne." (Maitreya went on : Pierced by the poignant remarks of his stepmother and hissing in indignation like a serpent beaten with a staff, Dhruva left his father, who kept gazing mutely, and went away crying loudly into the presence of his own mother. Suniti lifted up in her arms the child, who was sobbing with quivering lips, and was sore distressed to hear from the mouth of the (other) inmates of the gynaeceum what his co-wife had said.



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