Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 2:1-11

Book 11: Chapter2

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 2: Verses 1-11

Sri Suka began again : 0 Pariksit (the best of the Kurus) eager to wait upon Sri Krsna, Narada very frequently stayed in Dwaraka, which was protected by the arms of Govinda. O king ! what mortal man, possessing sound senses, would possibly neglect to worship the lotus-feet of Lord Mukunda, which are fit to be adored by the best of gods (Brahma and others) ? On one occasion, when Narada (the divine sage) came to His house and had been worshipped and comfortably seated, Vasudeva greeted him and spoke thus:-- Vasudeva submitted 0 venerable sage, (just) as the movement of parents is conducive to the welfare of children, and that of pious persons treading the path of the glorious Lord is meant for the good of those bound by worldly attachments, your visit is a blessing to all creatures. The conduct of the deities may conduce both to the happiness and misery of created beings; but the conduct of pious souls devoted to Lord Visnu like you promotes their happiness only. The deities, acting like one's own shadow, serve their worshippers even as the latter worship them, following the course of their Karma. Saints (however) are compassionate towards the afflicted (irrespective of their Karma). All the same, 0 holy Brahmana, we request you to tell us those Dharmas (righteous courses) which delight the Lord, and hearing of which with faith the mortal man is rid of all fear. Indeed, in my previous birth in this world 1 worshipped the immortal Lord, who grants Liberation, for the sake of progeny, but not for (the boon of) emancipation, deluded as I was by His Maya. O sage of noble vows, so instruct us that through you we may surely and easily be rid of (this) worldly existence full of manifold misery and beset with fear on all sides. Sri Suka continued :O king ! questioned thus by the wise Vasudeva, and vividly reminded (thereby) of the Lord's qualities, the divine sage (Narada) felt (much) pleased and said to him (as follows): Narada replied : 0 Vasudeva (the foremost of the Yadavas) ! you have resolved well to have inquired me about the virtues and duties that delight the Lord and purify all.



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