Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 30:1-10

Book 10: Thirtieth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 30: Verses 1-10
The Gopis' Quest for Sri Krsna during the Rasa-Play

Sri Suka began again : The Lord having disappeared all of a sudden, the (aforesaid) women of Vraja felt agonized not to see Him (even) as she-elephants would when they failed to see the leader of their herd. With their mind captivated by the (charming) gait, loving smiles and sportful glances as well as by the delightful conversation, dalliances and graceful movements of Sri Krsna (the Spouse of Rama), the young women, getting identified with Him, imitated His various pastimes. Imitating the dalliances and graceful movements of Sri Krsna, the (cowherd) women-who were His darlings and felt identified with Him, and whose frames had turned into (so many) replicas (as it were) of their beloved Lord in point of gait, smiles, glances and speech etc.-said (to one another), "Indeed I am Sri Krsna !" Loudly singing His praises in a chorus while going from forest to forest, they searched for Him alone as though they were mad, and enquired of trees about Sri Krsna (the Perfect Person) pervading (all) creatures inside as well as outside as ether (in the following words):- "0 AsAswattha (the holy fig tree), 0 Plaksa, 0 Nyagrodha (the banyan tree) ! was the Darling of Nanda-who has gone (this way) captivating our mind by His (sidelong) glances accompanied with endearing smiles--seen by you ? 0 Kurabaka (a species of amaranth), Asoka, Naga, Punnaga and Campaka trees ! did Sri Krsna (the younger Brother of Balarama), whose (very) smile takes away the pride of angry women, go this side ?
O blessed Tulasi (holy basil), to whom the feet of Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) are (so) dear, was that immortal Lord, most beloved of you, seen by you bearing you (on His bosom in a garland) along with swarms of bees ? 0 Malati, 0 Mallika, 0 Jati, 0 Yuthika ! was Sri Krsna (the Spouse of Laksmi) seen by you causing delight to you by the touch of His hand while going (this way)? 0 Cuta (a particular variety of mango trees), Priyala, Panasa (the jack tree), Asana, Kovidara, Jambu (the rose-apple tree), Arka (the sun-plant), Bilva (the wood-apple tree), Bakula, Amra (the common mango), Kadamba and Nipa (a variety of Kadamba) trees and whatever other trees stand on the bank of the Yamuna (and as such are expected to speak the bare truth), (pray) point out to us-whose mind is no longer with us (having been lured away by Sri Krsna)-the way to reach Sri Krsna, born as you are for the good of others. Oh, what austerity, 0 Earth, was performed by you in that with the blades of grass and sprouts etc., (which look like bristling hair on your body) you appear thrilled with joy at the touch of the feet of Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Lord Siva)? Has this joy been caused by (the touch of) the Lord's feet (just now) or is it due to your having been bestridden by the Lord with wide strides (during His descent as Vamana or the Divine Dwarf) or (again) by His embrace (even earlier) in the form of Varaha (the Divine Boar) ?



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