Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 10:1-11

Book 12: Chapter 10

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 10: Verses 1-11

Suta began again : Realizing in this way the aforesaid glory of Yogamaya (creative energy) displayed by Lord Narayana, the sage Markandeya sought Him alone for protection (in the following words). Markandeya submitted : I have resorted to the soles of Your feet, which grant security to those who seek them (for protection), 0 Hari ! under the influence of whose Maya (deluding potency), which assumes the (false) appearance of enlightenment, even the learned fall a prey to delusion (in the shape of egotism, mistaking themselves to be wise). Suta continued : While journeying through the skies on (the back of) His bull with His Spouse (Goddess Lima), accompanied by His attendants, Lord Rudra (the god of destruction) saw the sage with his mind thus composed and collected. Perceiving the sage in that condition, Uma spoke (as fallows) to Lord Siva (who has His abode on Mount Kailasa ):-"(Kindly) look at this Brahmana, 0 Lord, whose body, senses and mind have been stilled and who can (as such) be (easily) compared to a sea whose waters and fishes have become motionless due to a storm having passed. (Pray,) manifest the fruit of his asceticism, since, You are the Bestower of fruit. The glorious Lord replied : This Brahmana sage would not have any blessing under any circumstance, not even final beatitude, inasmuch as he has attained supreme devotion to the immortal Lord, the Indweller of all hearts. Even then we shall discourse with the saint, 0 Bhavani; for it is the greatest gain to meet a pious soul. Suta went on : Having thus observed (to Parvati), the aforesaid Lord, the resort of the righteous, the Master of all sciences, the Ruler of all embodied souls, approached the sage. Markandeya (however), who had all his mental faculties suspended, was conscious neither of his own body nor of the (outside) world and (as such) did not perceive (even) the advent of the very Sovereigns of the universe (Sankara and Parvati), the Inner Controllers of (all) creation. Knowing his mental condition full well, the almighty Lord Siva (the Ruler of Kailasa) entered the cavity of his heart by virtue of His Yogamaya (wonderful divine power), (even) as the air enters an opening. The sage felt amazed to perceive as having entered into his very being and flashed all of a sudden in his heart Lord Siva--a tall figure with three eyes and ten arms, wearing matted locks-reddish-brown like streaks of lightning-and effulgent like the rising sun, wrapping a tiger's skin for His loin-cloth and carrying (in His hands) a rosary of Rudraksa beads, a Damara (a sort of small drum shaped like an hour-glass), a begging-bowl (made of skull), a sword and a bow with a trident, a club shaped like the foot of a bedstead and a shield-and, wondering what the vision was and whence, woke up from his trance.



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