Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 26:1-13

Book 10: Twenty-six Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 26: Verses 1-13
Nanda's conversation with the cowherds about Sri Krsna's glory

Sri Suka began again : Much astonished to witness such (superhuman) feats of Sri Krsna, the aforesaid Gopas, who were ignorant of His power, gathered together and talked (as follows):- Since these exploits are most wonderful indeed on the part of a (mere) boy, how could he deserve a birth among rustics, which is (so) unworthy of himself ? A boy of seven, how could he keep on holding (for a week ) with one hand a big mountain as sportfully as a lordly elephant would hold a lotus ? By him as a (mere) babe with its eyes half closed was sucked the breast of the mighty Putana along with her life, (even) as the life-span of a living organism is (gradually) swallowed up by Time Struck by the fore part of his feet (even) as he-(only three) months old-lay underneath a cart kicking up his feet and crying, the cart fell topsy-turvy ! Being carried away through the sky by a demon while squatting (on the floor) as an infant of one year, he killed the demon, Trnavarta (by name), who was feeling oppressed on account of his being caught by the neck ! Tied by the mother to a mortar on the ground of theft of butter, on one occasion, and crawling on all fours between the two Arjuna trees he caused them to fail down ! Duly pasturing calves in the forest, accompanied by Balarama and surrounded by (other) boys, he tore asunder by the bill,with his arms, his enemy in the form of a heron, that sought to kill him.
Having killed another demon,who, in the guise of a calf had found his way into his herd of calves with intent to kill him, he sportfully caused with the carcass a number of Kapittha trees to fall (by dashing it against the Kapittha trees) ! Slaying the demon (Dhenuka), disguised as a donkey, and his kinsfolk while accompanied by Balarama, he rendered safe the forest of palm trees (the home of Dhenuka); which was rich with ripe fruits. Getting the terrible (demon) Pralamba slain by the powerful Balarama, he rescued the cattle of Vraja as well as the cowherds from a forest fire. Having subdued the most venomous Kaliya (a ruler of serpents) and rid it of haughtiness, he forcibly expelled it from the pool (inhabited by it) and made the waters of the Yamuna free from poison! The love of us all, who have our abode in Vraja, for this boy of yours, 0 Nanda, is such as cannot be easily given up and his love for us (too) is quite natural. How is it?



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