Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 85:1-12

Book 10: Eighty-five (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 85: Verses 1-12

The Lord brings back (from the abode of Death) His (six) elder brothers(throttled by Kamsa)

Sri Suka began again : (Pariksit, on their return from Kuruksetra) one morning, Sri Krsna and Balarama went to Their parents to offer Their salutations to them. Vasudeva received his Sons (most) affectionately and, after They had bowed to his feet, spoke to them (as follows). (Pariksit,) Vasudeva had heard about the glory of his sons from the lips of the sages and had himself witnessed Their wonderful exploits. He was thus convinced that They were no ordinary beings but divine personages. Addressing them with great affection, he said- "0 Krsna, the embodiment of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss, 0 Sankarsana, the Lord of the greatest Yogis, You both are eternal. I know You are the rulers even of Prakrti and Purusa (Matter and Spirit), the two direct causes of this universe. You are directly the substratum and both the instrumental and material cause of the universe. (Nay,) You are its sole Lords, and it has been brought into being for Your sport. Whenever and in whatever form it exists and whatever You react upon is nothing but You. You are the enjoyable in the form of Prakrti, and the enjoyer in the form of Purusa, and also the ruler beyond them both. Lord, You are beyond the senses and beyond birth, existence and other modifications; having created this diversified universe in Yourself, You have Yourself entered it as its Inner Controller.
Appearing as Prana (active force) and as Jiva (cognitive force), it is You who sustain and nourish it. The potency possessed by the Prana and other forces responsible for the creation of the universe is (in fact) Your potency; for (unlike You) they are material and not spiritual in essence, and are also dependent on You. The activity which they exhibit is only apparent (the motive power behind them is Yours). (0 Lord,) the lustre of the moon, the glow of fire, the effulgence of the sun, the twinkling of stars and the flash of lightning, the firmness of mountains, the odour and sustaining power of the earth-all these are, in fact, You. 0 Lord, the slaking, life-giving and purifying property of water, are You. You are water itself as well as its taste. The vigour of the senses, mental energy and bodily strength, the activity of the body and its locomotion (-all these), though attributed to the wind, (really) proceed from You.The cardinal points and the space denoted by them are You. Ether and its principle sound, i. e., speech in its subtlest form known by the name of Para, and its other forms, viz., Pasyanti, Madhyama as well as Vaikhari (articulate speech), consisting of letter-sounds and words denoting several objects are nothing but You. The power to reveal objects inhering in the senses, the deities presiding over them and the power by which they do so are indeed You. The determining faculty of the intellect and the power of duly connecting various experiences, inhering in the Jiva, are You. In the elements You inhere as their cause, the Tamasa aspect of Ahankara (Ego); in the senses You exist as their cause, the Taijasa (Rajasa) aspect of Ahankara; in the deities presiding over senses as well as in the mind You exist as their cause, the Vaikarika (Sattvika) aspect of Ahankara; and You are Maya, the cause of the repeated birth of divas, bound to Karma. (Just) as in the (various) modifications of a substance the original substance is observed to be the abiding factor, so You are the imperishable truth behind all these perishable objects.



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