Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 9:1-12

Book 12: Chapter 9

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 9: Verses 1-12

Suta began again: Duly extolled in the aforesaid words by the talented sage Markandeya, Lord Narayana, accompanied by Nara, felt (highly) pleased and spoke to that jewel among the Bhrgus (as follows).The glorious Lord replied : Hullo ! you have attained perfection,, 0 jewel among the Brahmana seers ! through concentration of mind, through unceasing devotion to Me as well as through asceticism, study of the Vedas and self-control. We are highly pleased with you on account of your observing the vow of lifelong celibacy. May all be well with you ! (Therefore) receive your coveted boon from (Me,) the Ruler of all those who are capable of granting boons. The sage submitted : Your (own) exalted nature has been testified to by You, 0 Ruler (even) of Brahma, Siva and others (the adored of the gods), in that You have been directly perceived by us, 0 Dispeller of the agony of those that have taken refuge in You ! This much of favour (shown by You) is enough (for us), 0 immortal Lord ! Brahma (the unborn creator) and others have felt perfectly gratified (even) on obtaining a vision of Your glorious lotus-like feet (only) in their mind purified through (the practice of) Yoga (concentration). The selfsame Lord in You has come within the range of my senses. (What greater boon than this could I have ?) Nevertheless, 0 Lord with eyes resembling the petals of a lotus ! I would have a vision of Your Maya, under the influence of which the world including the guardians of the spheres perceives diversity (in the form of this manifold creation) in the (one) Reality (viz., Yourself), 0 crest-jewel of those enjoying sacred renown I Suta continued: Extolled in these words and worshipped by the sage according to his wishes, 0 Saunaka ! the said almighty Lord replied, "So shall it be !" and withdrew to Badarikasrama smiting. Thinking (every moment) of the same object (the promised vision of the Lords Maya) and continuing in his own hermitage, Markandeya visualized Sri Hari in the (sacred) fire, the sun, the moon, water, earth, the air, ether and his own self, nay, everywhere (else) and worshipped Him with articles conceived by the mind. At times (however), when overwhelmed with an outburst of emotion, he forgot worshipping the Lord. One day, at eventide, 0 jewel among the Bhrgus ! while the sage was worshipping the Lord on the bank of the river Puspabhadra, 0 Brahmana sage I a furious wind sprang up. Following close upon the blast, that made a terrible noise, appeared frightful clouds attended with flashes of lightning, and poured all round volleys of rain as thick as the axle of a chariot, loudly rumbling. Then there were seen the oceans in the four quarters with most terrible whirlpools, fearful crocodiles and a loud roar, engulfing the earth on all sides with their waves tossed by the fury of the storm.



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