Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 66:1-14

Book 10: Sixty-six Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 66: Verses 1-14

Paundraka and others killed

Sri Suka began again : Pariksit, when Sri Balarama had gone to Nanda's Vraja, Paundraka, the ruler of Karusa, sent a messenger to Sri Krsna, saying, " I am Vasudeva"l Steeped as he was in ignorance, he was flattered by stupid people, who said, " You are the glorious Lord Vasudeva, protector of the universe, who have appeared on earth (for its protection)", and the fellow began to look upon himself as Vasudeva (the immortal Lord). Just as a foolish boy set up by other boys as a king in sport would behave, so did the dull-witted fellow, unaware of the reality of Bhagavan Sri Krsna, whose ways are inscrutable, sent his messenger to Dwaraka. The messenger came to Dwaraka and delivered (the following) message of his king to Lord Sri Krsna of lotus-like eyes, who was seated in the council hall. "I alone am Vasudeva, and there is no other. I have come down on earth to bless all beings with my grace. You have falsely assumed that name, which you should now give up. 0 scion of Yadu, abandon all my marks that you have adopted through (sheer) folly and come to me for shelter, or you should give me battle." Sri Suka continued : Hearing this bragging of the dull-witted Paundraka, King Ugrasena and (all) others who were present in the assembly at that time loudly laughed.
When their jokes were over, the Lord replied through the messenger (as follows): " 0 foolish one, I shall (no doubt) discharge My (discus and other) insignia on you and (all) those associates of yours, encouraged by whom you brag in this manner. 0 fool, hiding those lips (with which you are bragging) you will (then) lie down dead on the ground, surrounded by buzzards, vultures and other (carnivorous) birds, and (instead of giving shelter to Me,) you will serve as subsistence for dogs." The messenger (returned) and conveyed the whole of this retort to his master. Sri Krsna too (for His part) mounted His chariot and invaded Kati (for the ruler of Karusa was then staying with his friend, the king of Kasi). Having received the news of Sri Krsna's invasion, Paundraka, the great car-warrior, hastily sallied forth from the city with (an army consisting of) two Aksauhinis; and his friend, the king of Kasi, followed him as a commander in the rear, 0 king, with (a subsidiary force of) three Aksauhinis. Paundraka could be (easily) distinguished by his conch, discus, sword and mace, the Sarnga bow and (the mark of) Srivatsa, bore a Kaustubha gem and was decked with a wreath of sylvan flowers. He was clad in two pieces of yellow silk and bore the design of Garuda on his ensign, wore a priceless crown and brilliant crocodile-shaped ear-rings.



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