Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 15:1-15

Book 9: Chapter 15

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 15: Verses 1-15
The stories of Rcika, Jamadagni and Parasurama

Sri Suka resumed : Pururava (the son of lla, again, O protector of men, had by Urvasi si sons, Ayu, Srutayu, Satayu, Raya, Vijaya and Jaya. Vashuman was the son of Srutayu and Srutanjaya, of Satayu. Raya's son was Eka and Jaya's son was Amita. Again, Bhima was the son of Vijaya ; from Vijaya followd Kancana and of kancana was born Hotra. hotra's son was Jahnu, who took the (holy) Ganga in he hollow of his palms and quaed it. Again Kus; from (the loins of) Kusa, again, sprang up four sons -Kusambu, Tanaya, Vasu and Kusanabha. Gadhi was the son of Kusambu. A Brahmana, the sage Rcika, asked in marriage Gadhi's daughter, Satyavati. Considering him to be an unworthy match, Gadhi spoke to Rcika (a scion of the sage Bhrgu, as follows):- "Let a thousand horses, white as the moon, (each) having one black ear, be given as the price of the girl; (for) we belong to the race of Kusika (renowned for our noble pedigree)." Thus spoken to and having come to know his mind, the sage sought the presence of Varuna (the god of water) and, having brought and delivered the horses of the aforesaid description, married that lovely princess. Entreated by his wife (Satyavati) as well as by his mother-in-law, each of whom was desirous of (having) a son, he prepared a Caru (an oblation of rice, barley and pulse boiled with butter and milk for presentation to the gods), uttering both kinds of Mantras (those invoking the birth of a Brahmana for his wife and that of a Ksatriya for his mother-in-law), and went out to bathe. Meanwhile, being solicited by her aforesaid mother, who (naturally) thought the Caru prepared for her daughter as superior (because of the sage's affection for her), Satyavati (the sage's wife) gave the Caru meant for herself to her mother and herself ate that intended for her mother. The sage having understood this (exchange of Caru between his wife and mother-in-law) politely said to his wife, "You have committed a grave blunder. Your son will be a cruel chastiser (of foes); (while) your brother will be one foremost among the knowers of Brahma." Implored by Satyavati in the words "Let this not be", the sage Rcika (a scion of the sage Bhrgu) said, "If so, then your grandson will be such. Accordingly Jamadagni was born (of Satyavati). And Satyavati became transformed into the most sacred river Kausiki (Kosi), capable of sanctifying the (whole) world. Indeed, of the sage Jamadagni were born through Renuka, the daughter of Rena-whom the aforesaid sage had duly married-(a number of) sons, Vasuman and others. The youngest of these became widely celebrated under the name of Rama (Paraurama), whom the learned speak of as a part manifestation of Lord Vasudeva (Visnu) and the destroyer of the race of the Haihayas, (nay) who divested this earth of the Ksatriya race thrice seven (twenty-one) times and struck and exterminated the wicked Ksatriyas, that had turned hostile to the Brahmanas and constituted a (veritable) burden on the earth-enveloped (overcome) as they were by the (element of) Rajas (passion) and Tamas (ignorance) even though they committed the slightest offence.



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