Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 57:1-13

Book 10: Fifty-seven Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 57: Verses 1-13
Syamantaka stolen; Satadhanva killed and Akrura recalled to Dwaraka

Sri Suka began again : Hearing about the sons of Pandu and Kunti having been burnt (to death in a house of lac built for them and subsequently set on fire by Duryodhana), although the truth (about their having escaped unscathed in good time before the house was set on fire) was fully known to Him (omniscient as He was), Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) proceeded to (Hastinapura, the capital of) the kingdom of the Kurus, accompanied by Balarama, for a friendly inquiry after their family affairs (by way of condolence). Meeting Bhisma, Krpa, Vidura and Gandhari (wife of King Dhrtarastra) as well as Drona, and equally sharing their grief, so the tradition goes, the Lord said, "Ah, what a pity !" Seizing this opportunity (afforded by the absence of Sri Krsna), 0 king, Akrura and Krtavarma (another leading Yadava and a devotee of Sri Krsna, who hated Satrajit for his having calumniated Sri Krsna) said to Satadhanva (who had a malice prepense), "Why should not the gem be taken possession of (at this opportune moment) ? Why should not Satrajit-who having solemnly promised us his jewel of a daughter, yet disregarding us, gave it away to Sri Krsna-(be made to) follow (the fate of) Prasena (his brother) ?" His mind having thus been poisoned by them, that vile and most wicked fellow, whose life had (now) been spent, murdered Satrajit (in cold blood) out of greed while he was asleep. Having made short work of Satrajit (even) as a butcher would slaughter animals, and taking the gem in the midst of the womenfolk who were (all) screaming and wailing as though masterless, Satadhanva withdrew. Overwhelmed with grief to behold her father slain, Satyabhama too piteously wailed saying "Ah father, dearfather, I am undone!" and fainting (at intervals). Consigning the deceased to a trough full of oil (to guard against decomposition), the afflicted lady drove (all the way) to Hastinapura (the city bearing a name denoting the elephant) and reported to Sri Krsna, who was (already) aware of the fact (omniscient as He was), the death of her father. Hearing the (sad) news and following the practice of the human world, 0 Pariksit, the two almighty Brothers wailed with tears in Their eyes, exclaiming: "Alas, a great calamity has befallen us." Returning (forthwith) from Hastinapura to Dwaraka alongwith His consort and elder Brother, the Lord made preparations to kill Satadhanva and recover the gem from him. Alarmed to know of Sri Krsna's plans (to kill him) and in his anxiety to save his life, Satadhanva too solicited Krtavarma for help and the latter replied (as follows): "I dare not cross the two almighty Brothers. Having given offence to Them, who can as a matter of fact hope to live in peace ? Kamsa was shorn of (all) his glory through enmity with Them and met his end alongwith his followers. (Nay,) Jarasandha (the powerful ruler of Magadha and father-in-law of Kamsa) escaped (with life) at the end of (each of his) seventeen encounters (with Them), deprived (even) of his chariot." Having been refused help (in these words by Krtavarma), he next sought Akrura for help. Akrura too replied, "Knowing the strength of the two divine Brothers, who will dare antagonize Them ?



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