Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 2 Chapter 4:1-13

Book 2: Chapter 4

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 2: Chapter 4: Verses 1-13
The king asks a question about the creation of the universe and the sage Suka commences his discourse

Suta continued : On hearing these words of Sri Suka (the son of Vyasa), which enabled him to ascertain the truth concerning the Supreme Spirit, king Pariksit (the son of Uttar* exclusively devoted his pious mind to Sri Krsna' feet. He shook off (in a moment) the deep-rooted attachment which he had conceived all that time for his own body, wife, sons, residence, animals, wealth and kinsmen as well as for his kingdom, that had known no trouble. Having come to know of his death (beforehand), the high-minded Pariksit renounced all his duties connected with the first three objects of human pursuit (viz., Dharma, Artha and Kama). He then established his complete identity with Lord Vasudeva and, full of deep reverence for hearing the glory of Sri Krsna, asked Sri Suka the same question which you are now asking me, O most holy ones. The king said : All-knowing and sinless as you are, 0 divine sage, your words are quite true: Even as you proceed with your discourse on Sri Hari the gloom of my ignorance disperses. I further wish to know how the Lord by His own Maya (deluding potency) creates this universe, the mysteries of which even the greatest gods (like Brahma) find it difficult to unravel. Also tell me how that ail-pervading Lord protects the universe and how again He destroys it. Possessed as He is of innumerable powers, which of them does that Supreme Person assume when He plays with His own Self, transforming Himself into so many playthings, and creates and then destroys (a number of universes). Indeed it appears difficult even for the wise, O divine sage, to comprehend the doings of Lord Sri Hari of marvellous deeds. (I should also like to know) how the Lord, who is one (without a second) assumes all at once the three Gunas of Prakrti in order to perform the various functions (of creation etc.), or manifesting Himself in different forms (as Brahma and so on) assumes them in succession. Since you are well-versed in the Vedas and have also realized the Supreme Spirit, kindly respond to this enquiry of mine. Suta said : Thus implored by the king to discourse upon the excellences of Sri Hari, the sage Suka fixed his thought on Lord Sri Krsna (the Inspirer of all senses) and commenced his reply as follows : Sri Suka said : Obeisance to that Supreme Person of infinite glory, who In order to carry on His sportful activity of creating, preserving and destroying the universe has (in the form of Visnu, Brahma and Siva) assumed the three Saktis in the shape of Sattva (harmony), Rajas (activity) and Tamas (darkness), nay, who is the Inner Controller of all beings and whose true nature and ways cannot be apprehended through the intellect. Salutations again to Him who roots out the sorrows and sufferings of the virtuous (and bestows on them the boon of His love), who puts a stop to the (material) growth of the wicked (and grants them liberation) and further confers on those who have entered the order of Paramahamsas (recluses) the boon (of Self-Realization) sought after by them; for all (animate and inanimate) beings are His manifestations (and hence He has no partiality for or prejudice against anyone).



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