Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 39:1-13

Book 10: Thirty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 39: Verses 1-13
Departure of Sri Krsna and Balarama for Mathura

Sri Suka began again Having been comfortably seated on a couch and greatly honoured by Balarama and Sri Krsna, Akrura actually realized all the aspirations that he had entertained on his way (to Vraja). What remains unattainable when the Lord, who is the Abode of Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity) is pleased ? Nevertheless those exclusively devoted to Him, 0 king, seek nothing as a matter of fact. Having finished His supper, Lord Sri Krsna (the Son of Devaki) enquired (of Akrura) about the conduct of Kamsa towards His kinsmen and what else was sought to be done by Him. The glorious Lord said : 0 dear uncle, 0 gentle one, I hope you came safely (all the way). May all be well with you ! I believe no outrage has been perpetrated (by the tyrant Karmsa) against your friends, your kinsmen and other relations and good health is enjoyed by them all. So long as Kamsa-who, though passing by the name of my maternal uncle, is a (veritable) pestilence to my family-is thriving, 0 dear uncle, what good indeed is our asking about the welfare of our kinsmen and their progeny ? Oh, (how) great has been the suffering of our noble parents for our sake; (for) it was due to us that the death of their (other) sons took place and it was on account of us that bondage was accepted by them. Luckily (enough) has the sight of our kinsmen in yourself, 0 gentle one, been vouchsafed today to us, by whom it was (long) coveted. (Now) the motive of your visit (to Vraja), 0 dear uncle ! may (kindly) be communicated (to us).. Sri Suka continued :
Questioned by the Lord (as aforesaid), AkrUra (a scion of Madhu) related (to Him) everything, viz., the inveteracy of Kamsa's enmity to the Yadus and his attempt to kill Vasudeva, (also) with what message and for what purpose Akrura himself had been sent by Karmsa as his emissary and what was communicated to him by Narada regarding His having been born of Anakadundubhi (Vasudeva). Sri Krsna and Bala, the slayer of hostile warriors heartily laughed to hear the message of Akrura and apprised Their father, Nanda, of the king's command. Nanda too duly instructed the Gopas (as follows):- "Let all the yield of the cows (in the shape of milk, curds and clarified butter) be collected. (Also) take (with you) presents (of various kinds) and let bullock-carts be got ready. We shall proceed tomorrow to Mathura (the city founded by the demon Madhu) and (on arriving there) shall present to the king delicious substances (such as milk, curds and ghee) and witness the grand festival (of a bow-sacrifice). I hear the people of the (entire) kingdom (of Mathura) are going (there). Nanda, the chief of the Gopas, caused this to be proclaimed by the watchman all over his Vraja. The cowherd women, of whom so much has been said before, were sore distressed to hear at that time of Akrura having arrived in Vraja to take Balarama and Sri Krsna to the capital.



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