Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 46:1-12

Book 10: Forty-six Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 46: Verses 1-12
The Lord relieves the agony of Nanda (by despatching Uddhava to Vraja with a message of endearment)

Sri Suka began again : A beloved friend and counsellor of Sri Krsna was Uddhava, the most distinguished of the Vrsnis and a direct disciple of the sage Brhaspati (the preceptor of the gods) and foremost in intelligence. Clasping his hand with His own on a certain day, Lord Sri Hari, who alleviates the suffering of those that flee (for protection) to Him, spoke (as follows) to Uddhava, who was most beloved of and exclusively devoted to Him: "Proceed you, gentle Uddhava, to Vraja and (thereby) bring delight to Our parents (Nanda and Yasoda) and relieve in particular the agony-caused by separation from Me-of the cowherd women through My messages. The latter have not only-given their mind to Me but their (very) life is centred in Me; (nay,) they have renounced for My sake everything The part of the verse placed within brackets has not been commented on by Sridhara. connected with their body and have mentally taken refuge in Me alone, their beloved friend, the highest object of their affection, their very Self. I stand (through thick and thin) by those that have not only given up their interests in this as well as in the other world but have also set at naught their moral obligations for my sake. I-the most beloved of (all) their beloved objects-being at a distance from them, the women of Vraja, 0 dear Uddhava, remain forgetful of everything (including their own self), thinking (constantly as they do) of me, and overwhelmed with intense longing occasioned by separation (from me). With their mind absorbed in me the cowherd women are in most cases somehow propping up their life with great difficulty on my assurances of coming back (to Vraia'.
" Sri Suka continued : Thus instructed (by the Lord) and mounting a chariot Uddhava drove to Nanda's Gokula (a station of cowherds) carrying the message of his Master (Sri Krsna) with (great) reverence. The blessed one reached Nanda's Vraja while the sun was (just) setting, his chariot obscured with the dust raised by the hoofs of cattle that were entering Vraja (at that very moment). The place was rendered noisy by bulls in rut contending with one another for the sake of cows in heat and by cows rushing to meet their (respective) calves though oppressed with the weight of their udders. (Nay,) it was graced with white calves capering here and there as well as with the music of flutes and was full of noise, on all sides, accompanied with the sound of the milking of cows. Again, it shone most resplendent with cowherd women richly adorned and singing the noble deeds of Balarama and Sri Krsna, as well as with cowherds. The place ravished the mind with its dwellings of cowherds characterized by the worship of sacred fires, the sun-god, newcomers, cows, Brahmanas, the manes and gods as well as with frankincense (that was being burnt there), and lights and garlands (with which the houses were decorated).



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