Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 6 Chapter 17:1-16

Book 6: Chapter 17

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 6: Chapter 17: Verses 1-16
Citraketu cursed (by Goddess Parvati)

Sri Suka began again : Having made obeisance to the quarter in which Lord Ananta had disappeared, Citraketu, the Vidyadhara (chief), went about flying in the air. Panegyrized by sages, Siddhas (a class of demigods endowed with mystical powers from their very birth) and Caranas (celestial bards), and getting Vidyadhara women to sing praises of Lord Sri Hari, that eminent Yogi (ever united with the Lord) sported for ten thousand million years in the valleys of Mount Sumeru (the chief of the principal mountains of the terrestrial globe)-where one realizes (as a matter of course) the various objects of one's desire-his (physical) strength and organic power not (at all) diminished (through these long ages). On one occasion, while flying in a resplendent aerial car bestowed on him by Lord Visnu, he beheld Lord Siva (who dwells on Mount Kailasa) surrounded by Siddhas and Caranas, having folded in His arm His divine spouse (Goddess Parvati), seated on His lap, in an assembly of sages. Going near them, Citraketu laughed loudly and spoke (as follows) within the hearing of the goddess.

Citraketu said : Here sits Lord Siva (the Preceptor of the universe) Himself, the chief figure in this assembly, engaged in expounding (the essence of) righteousness to (all) embodied beings, yet actually embracing His Consort in open assembly ! Wearing matted locks and practising severe austerities, nay, the (recognized) head of assemblies of Brahmavadis (expositors of the Vedas) He sits hugging a woman shamelessly as an uncultured person Even rustics ordinarily embrace a woman only in seclusion, while this (great) god, who has undertaken solemn religious vows, is clasping His Spouse in an open assembly !

Sri Suka went on : Even on hearing these (critical) remarks, Lord Siva, whose mind is too deep to be fathomed, heartily laughed, O Pariksit, and kept quiet; and so did the worthies present in the assembly and devoted to Him. While Citraketu, who was ignorant of Lord Siva's greatness, was thus uttering much that was unbecoming of Him, Goddess Parvati spoke in (great) anger to that impudent Vidyadhara, who (apparently) regarded himself as one that had subdued one's self. Goddess Parvati said : Is this fellow the (only) lord now ruling over the world and wielding the rod of punishment and competent to treat with disrespect wicked and shameless people like us ? Surely neither Brahma (the lotus-born creator) nor the sons of Brahma-Bhrgu, Narada and so on-nor indeed the sage Sanatkumara, Lord Kapila and Swayambhuva Manu know (the essence of) righteousness; for they do not prohibit Lord Siva (the Destroyer of the universe) from violating (the principles of) righteousness. This fellow surely deserves to be punished inasmuch as he, a vile Ksatriya, is impudent enough to insult (great) sages (assembled here) and teach Lord Siva (the Preceptor of the universe) Himself, whose lotus-feet are worthy of being contemplated on by the aforementioned, nay, who is the most auspicious of the auspicious. This self-conceited and arrogant fellow is not fit to resort to the soles of feet of Lord Visnu, the very act of approaching which is esteemed by the virtuous. Hence be reborn in the demoniac species-a most wicked species---0 evil-minded one, so that you may not perpetrate again in this world, such Offence against the exalted souls my son. Sri Suka resumed: Thus subjected to an execration, the said Citraketu alighted from his aerial car and propitiated the noble lady (Goddess Parvati) with his head bent low (in the following words), O Pariksit (a scion of Bharata).



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