Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 74:1-16

Book 10: Seventy-four (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 74: Verses 1-16

Sisupala killed (by Sri Krsna)

Sri Suka began again: Pariksit, Yudhisthira was highly delighted to hear of Jarasandha's fall and of the supreme glory of Bhagavan Sri Krsna, and spoke to Him as follows. King Yudhisthira submitted : Krsna, Lords of the three worlds like Brahma and Sankara, and guardians of the world like Indra bow their heads to Your command whenever they obtain the rare privilege of receiving it. 0 infinite Lord, though extremely humble and wretched, we are conceited enough to regard ourselves as kings and rulers. Yet (instead of degrading us) You submit to our authority and carry out our commands. 0 lotus-eyed Lord, this is nothing but imitation on Your part of the ways of men. Just as the brilliance of the sun is neither enhanced nor suffers diminution with the ascent or decline of the sun, even so Your doings in no way exalt You or detract from Your glory. For You are the Supreme Spirit, the one Absolute without a second. 0 unconquerable Lord, thoughts of diversity like" I and Mine" and "Thou and Thine" obtain only among the ignorant. Such crooked notions of difference do not find place even in Your devotees, much less in You. Whatever You do is, therefore, nothing but Your Sport. Sri Suka resumed : Saying so, and with Bhagavan Sri Krsna's concurrence, King Yudhisthira invited at an hour propitious for the sacrifice Brahmanas versed in the Vedas and proficient in the Vedic ritual to officiate as priests etc., at the sacrifice.
They were Sri Krsnadwaipayana Vyasa, Bharadwaja, Sumantu, Gautama, Asita, Vasistha, Cyavana, Kanva, Maitreya, Kavasa, Trita, Viwamitra, Vamadeva, Sumati, Jaimini, Kratu, Paila, Parasara, Garga and Vaisampayana, Atharva, Kayapa, Dhaumya, Paraurama, Sukracarya, Asuri, Vitihotra, Madhutchanda, Virasena and Akrtavrana. Besides these, he also invited Dronacarya, Bhisma, Krpacarya and others, (as well as) Dhrtarastra with all his sons and the noble-minded Vidura to come and help in the performance. In order to witness the great sacrifice many princes with their ministers and chief officers, Brahmanas, Ksatriyas, Vaiyas and udras, arrived at Indraprastha, 0 king ! Then the priests ploughed the sacrificial ground with ploughs of gold and initiated Yudhisthira, according to the scriptural injunctions, as the sacrificer. The utensils used in this sacrifice were all made of gold as they were in the sacrifice performed by Varuna in ancient times. Brahma, Sankara, Indra and other guardians of the world, Siddhas and Gandharvas with their retinues, Vidyadharas and Nagas, sages, Yaksas and Raksasas, birds, Kinnaras, Caranas and powerful princes with their queens-all came to attend the Rajasuya sacrifice of King Yudhisthira at his invitation. All of them admitted without any hesitation that he was qualified to perform the same. For to a devotee of Sri Krsna nothing is impossible of achievement. Then the priests, who were as glorious as the gods, conducted for the king the Rajasuya sacrifice according to the scriptural ordinance, as in ancient times the gods did for Varuna.



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