Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 24:1-14

Book 10: Twenty-four Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 24: Verses 1-14
The Lord stops the sacrifice to Indra

Sri Suka began again : Dwelling in the same land of Vraja accompanied by Baladeva, Sri Krsna too saw the cowherds engaged in preparations for the worship of Indra (the god of rain). Though aware of it, the Lord, who is the Indweller of all (hearts) and all-perceiving and was (yet) bent low with humility, enquired of the elderly people (of Vraja): the leader of whom was Nanda, (as follows):- "It may kindly be pointed out to me, O father, what is this occassion for (unusual) flutter come up before you ? What will be the fruit (of it) ? For whom is it intended ? And by whom and through what materials is this sacrifice going to be performed ?(Kindly) tell me this, eager as I am to hear it, 0 father ! Great is my longing (for it), Indeed no undertaking, in this world, of pious souls-who look upon all as their own self, in whose eyes none is their own or alien and who have no friend, neutral or enemy-is secret. (Of course, where this is not the case) a neutral (too) ought to be shunned like an enemy, whereas a friend has been declared to be as good as one's own self (and hence nothing should be kept secret from him). People perform actions either deliberately (after weighing their consequences) or without deliberation. But success does not attend the actions of a thoughtless man as it crowns those of a thoughtful person. Of such actions, then, has this expedient in the form of ritual been considered by you ? Or, does it follow the course of the world ? (Pray,) explain this fully to me, inquisitive as I am.
" Nanda replied : The all-powerful Indra is the god of rain, the clouds being his (so many) manifestations dear as his own self. They pour forth water, which is the delight and life of living beings. We and other men, 0 darling, worship the aforesaid almighty ruler of the clouds through sacrificial performances conducted by means of substances produced with the water discharged by him, and subsist on the remains of such sacrifices for the attainment of the threefold reward in the shape of religious merit, enjoyment and worldly possessions. (In this way) it is Indra who yields the fruit (in the shape of a bumper crop) of men's efforts . (in the form of agriculture). The man who relinquishes a religious practice that has come down thus through successive generations from love of enjoyment, greed, fear (of opposition) or prejudice, surely does not achieve good results. Sri Suka continued : Hearing the reply of Nanda and the other inhabitants of Vraja, Lord Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Siva) addressed His father (as follows) in order to rouse the anger of Indra (and thereby crush his pride). The glorious Lord said: A creature is born by force of Karma (past actions), by force of Karma alone it dies and by force of Karma itself it experiences pleasure and pain, is subjected to fear and enjoys security. If there is any supreme Ruler who dispenses the fruit of others' actions, he too rewards or punishes (only) the doer; indeed he has no authority over him who does nothing.



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