Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 53:1-17

Book 10: Fifty-three Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 53: Verses 1-17
Sri Krsna carries away Rukmini

Sri Suka began again : Hearing the message of Rukmini (the princess of Vidarbha), the said Sri Krsna ( a Scion of Yadu), however, heartily laughed and, warmly clasping the Brahmana's hand by His own, spoke (to him) as follows. The glorious Lord said : My mind is likewise set on her and I get no sleep at night. I know my marriage (with her) has been stopped by Rukmi out of (personal) grudge (against Me).Having routed in battle the vile kings (that will be assembled at Kundinapura), I shall bring (to Dwaraka) that princess of faultless limbs, (so) devoted to Me, even as one would capture a flame out of firewood. Sri Suka continued : Having come to know definitely. (through the Brahmana) about the constellation under which the wedding of Rukmini was going to take place (on the third day thence), Sri Krsna (the Slayer of the demon Madhu) said to His charioteer, "Let the chariot be got ready at once, 0 Daruka !" Having brought the chariot drawn by (four) horses--Saibya, Sugriva, Meghapuspa and Balahaka-Daruka too stood before the Lord with joined palms.
Mounting the chariot and picking up the Brahmana (too), Sri Krsna (Grandson of Sura) journeyed from Anarta to the Vidarbha territory in the course of a single night with the help of those swift horses. Following the wishes of his son (Rukmi) out of affection (for him) and intending to give away his girl (Rukmini) to Sisupala (against his own will), the aforesaid king Bhismaka (the ruler of Kundinapura) had (the necessary) rites (preliminary to the wedding) performed (in due course). The city-whose roads, streets and crossings were cleanly swept and amply sprinkled with water and which was crowded with men and women decked with sandal-paste, garlands and (other) ornaments of flowers, clad in spotless white and adorned with jewels, and was full of splendid mansions perfumed with incense of aloe-was tastefully decorated with flags of various designs and colours as well as with ornamental arches. Having duly worshipped the manes and gods in accordance with the scriptural ordinance, 0 protector of men, an fed Brahmanas and others each in his rightful place, the king caused benedictory verses to be recited (by Brahmanas for the welfare of his daughter). He (also) caused his daughter of charming teeth to be duly washed and adorned with an auspicious thread with a small piece of gold fastened to it in the middle and (further) decked with a brand-new pair of silken pieces and excellent ornaments.
The foremost among the Brahmanas ensured the safety of the bride (against evil spirits and an evil eye) by reciting sacred texts from the Samaveda, Rgveda and Yajurveda; while the family priest, (who was) well-versed in Atharva-Veda, poured oblations into the sacred fire for the propitiation of (unpropitious) planets. The king-who was foremost among those conversant with scriptural ordinances-gave away to Brahmanas gold, silver and textiles as well as sesamum seeds mixed with jaggery and cows (too). Likewise King Damaghosa, the ruler of Cedi, too caused all that was worth undertaking on festive occasions to be performed in the interests of his son (Sisupala) by Brahmanas well-versed in sacred texts. Surrounded by hosts of elephants discharging temporal fluid, war-chariots hung with gold necklaces and troops teeming with foot-soldiers and cavalry, Damaghosa marched to Kundinapura. Going forth with due ceremony to meet him and honouring him in everyway, Bhismaka (the suzerain lord of Vidarbha) gladly lodged him in another mansion specially constructed (for the bridegroom and his party). Salva, Jarasandha, Dantavaktra, Viduratha, Paundraka and other kings, belonging to the party of Sisupala and inimical to Sri Krsna and Balarama, (also) appeared there (in the city of Kundinapura) in thousands, bent on securing the bride for Sisupala (the. ruler of Cedi).



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