Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 42:1-13

Book 10: Forty-two Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 42: Verses 1-13
A description of the amphitheatre for wrestlers (set up by Kamsa)

Sri Suka began again : Proceeding further along the main road, Sri Krsna (a scion of Madhu), who affords delight liberally to all, saw a hunchbacked young woman of comely appearance passing (that way) with a vessel full of sandal-paste (used for smearing one's body with) and laughingly questioned her (as follows):- "Hallo ! who are you, 0 handsome woman? And for whom is this sandal- paste intended? (Please) tell us the truth. (Pray,) give us both the excellent paste; goodwill betide you not long afterwards through this (piece of service)." The maid-servant replied : "I am a maid-servant, Trivakra[1] by name, esteemed by Kamsa for my art of preparing sandal-pastes, 0 pretty youth !Sandal-paste prepared by me is much to the taste of Kamsa( the ruler of the Bhojas). Who else other than you two deserves (to have) it?" Her mind bewitched by the comeliness and delicacy of form, loving disposition, laughter, conversation and penetrating glances of the two Brothers, the hunchback gave Them both the thick sandal-paste. Painted (severally) with the pigment which shone in contrast with Their complexion and adorned the upper part of Their body, They then looked (most) charming.The propitious Lord made up His mind to straighten the hunchback-who was curved at three places, though possessed of a charming countenance-(thereby) showing (to the world) the (immediate) reward of His sight.
Pressing the forepart of her feet with His own feet and supporting her chin on the two (viz., the index and middle) fingers, raised upwards, of His open (right) hand, Sri Krsna (the infallible Lord) straightened up her body. By the (magic) touch of Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation) she then turned at once into a most beautiful woman with a straight and symmetrical body, bulky hips and full breasts. Endowed with the wealth of beauty and good qualities, Trivakra, who had the fire of love kindled in her heart, then smilingly submitted (as follows) to Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Lord Siva), pulling the end of His upper garment- "Come, 0 gallant youth, let us go home. I am unable to leave you here; (hence,) be gracious to me, whose mind has been robbed of its patience by you, 0 jewel among men !" Being solicited by the woman thus, while Balarama stood looking on, Sri Krsna gazed on the tatter's face as well as on that of His followers and laughingly replied to her as follows:-"Having accomplished my errand I shall call at your house, which assuages the agony of men, 0 pretty girl; (for) you are the last refuge of us shelterless wayfarers." Dismissing her with honeyed words and proceeding (further) along the road, Sri Krsna alongwith Balarama (His elder brother) was honoured by those following the trade of a merchant with various presents, betel-leaves seasoned with catechu, lime and areca-nut parings, garlands and sandal-paste.



  1. She was curved at three places, viz., the neck, the breast and the waist, hence the name.

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