Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 58:1-12

Book 10: Fifty-eight Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 58: Verses 1-12
Sri Krsna's espousal with (the rest of) His eight principal Spouses

Sri Suka began again : Once upon a time the glorious Sri Krsna (the foremost among men), accompanied by Yuyudhana (Satyaki) and others, drove to Indraprastha (the modern Delhi) to see Yudhisthira and his (four) brothers (the sons of Pandu), who had been seen (at the court of Drupada, having once been taken to have been reduced to ashes within a house of shellac). Seeing Lord Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation), the Ruler of all, arrived (at their door), the valiant sons of Prtha (Sri Krsna's aunt) rose (from their seat) at once (even) as the senses become active (again) on finding respiration returned. Embracing the immortal Lord, with (all) their sins (of previous lives) wiped off by the (all-purifying) touch of His (divine) person, the heroes were transported with joy to gaze on His countenance bright with loving smiles. Bowing at the feet of Yudhisthira and Bhima (both of whom were senior to Him), and then hugging Arjuna (who was born on a day when the constellation Purvaphalguni was in the ascendant and was thus senior to the Lord only by eight days, the latter's advent being marked by the ascendancy of Rohini, but was nevertheless treated as His equal), He was (in His turn) saluted by Nakula and Sahadeva (the twin-born half-brothers of Yudhisthira, who were the youngest and junior to the Lord). Slowly approaching Sri Krsna, who was seated on an excellent seat, Krsna (Draupadi, so-called because she had a dark-brown complexion and thus bore affinity to the Lord in hue as well as in appellation), who had been newly wedded and (therefore) felt a little abashed, and was (absolutely) free from reproach (though espoused by all the five brothers), bowed low (to Him). Honoured and greeted in the same way by the sons of Prtha, Satyaki made Himself comfortable in his (own) seat. Treated with respect, others too sat in a circle near by. Having met and greeted His father's sister---Prtha, whose eyes were moistened through excessive love-and hugged by her (in turn) and questioned about (the welfare of) His kinsfolk, He (gave suitable replies to her and) made inquiries (in return) about her (own) health as well as about that of her daughter-in-law (Draupadi).
Recalling her numerous past sufferings, Kunti, whose throat was choked with nervousness occasioned by affection and whose eyes were wet with tears, spoke (as follows) to Sri Krsna, who reveals Himself (to His devotees) in order to end their miseries:- "Happiness returned to us, and we were blessed with a protector the very moment my cousin (Akrura) was despatched by You (to enquire about our welfare the other day), remembering us, Your relatives, 0 Krsna ! The mistaken notion recognizing one individual as one's own and another as alien does not exist in You-who are the friend, nay, the very Soul of the universe; yet constantly present in the heart of those who remember You, You end their sufferings." Yudhisthira said : "I do not know what meritorious act has been performed by us, 0 supreme Lord, in that You, who cannot easily be perceived (even) by masters of Yoga, have come within our sight, men of perverse understanding that we are." Entreated thus by the king (Yudhisthira), the said Lord happily spent (there all) the (four) rainy months, bringing joy to the eyes of the residents of Indraprastha (by His divine presence).



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