Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 19:1-11

Book 8: Chapter 19

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 19: Verses 1-11
The Lord asks three paces of land of Bali, who gives his word; while Sukra remonstrates with him against this course

Sri Suka resumed: The Lord was delighted to hear the aforesaid speech of Bali (the son of Virocana), which was not only just but agreeable and full of truth (as well); and welcoming it, He spoke as follows. The gracious Lord replied: This speech of yours, O ruler of men, is (both) agreeable and full of truth and just (too), and (thus) not only worthy of your race but conducive to your (own) glory. For your authority in secular matters are the Bhrgus; whereas in the course of duty relating-to the other world your guide is Prahrada (your grandfather), the eldest of your race and altogether free from passions. Indeed there has never been in this race (of yours) any man who was so lacking in goodness (charity) as to refuse a Brahmana (waiting at the door for alms) or so niggardly as not to give a thing (even) after promising it. In your race-wherein like the moon in the firmament shines forth by his untarnished glory Prahrada--there have never been kings who were so low-minded as to turn away their face when requested (for a charitable gift) by a mendicant on an occasion of gift or (for a combat) by one seeking -an-encounter on the battle-field. Born in this race, Hiranyaksa could not find a rival while traversing this earth (all) alone, armed with a mace, for the conquest of the quarters.

Even though Visnu killed him with great difficulty when he appeared (before Visnu) at the time of (the latter's) rescuing the earth (from the bottom of the ocean), Visnu did not account himself victorious recalling Hiranyaksa's superior valour again and again (even after his death). Hearing of his death, his (elder) brother, Hiranyakaipu (Prahrada's father), full of rage, went of yore to the abode of Hari in order to kill the slayer of his brother. On observing him approaching, spear in hand, like Death (himself), Visnu, who knows what is opportune and is the foremost of those practising conjuring tricks, reflected (thus within himself):-.. "(Even) as Death dogs the footsteps of living beings (wherever they go), he (Hiranyakasipu) is sure to follow wherever I go. Hence I shall enter his heart (and hide there), his eye being turned to the outer world (alone)" Having concluded thus, Visnu-who was greatly agitated in (his) mind and who hid his body, reduced to a subtle state, in the ingoing breath of Hiranyakasipu-stealthily entered, through the latter's nostril, O ruler of the Asuras, the body of the enemy (Hiranyakasipu), who was rushing towards him. Ransacking his abode, which was devoid of Visnu, yet not perceiving him, Hiranyakasipu roared in rage. The hero (then) searched heaven and earth, the (four) quarters, the aerial region, the (seven) subterranean regions as well as the (seven) oceans, but could not find Visnu (anywhere').



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