Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 18:24-32

Book 8: Chapter 18

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 18: Verses 24-32
The Lord appears as the divine Dwarf and visits the sacrificial performance of Bali

Observing Lord Sri Hari as having entered the sacrificial grounds in the form of a shortstatured Brahmana religious student-encircled by a cord of Munja grass (at His waist), with a deerskin placed baldric-wise after the manner of a sacred thread by way of a covering for the upper part of His body, and having matted hair on His head-and completely overpowered by His lustre, the Bhrgus along with their disciple (Bali) as well as with the gods of fire welcomed Him by rising from their (respective) seats. Overjoyed to see Lord Vamana,charming and worth seeing with limbs (quite) in proportion to His (diminutive) form, the sacrificer (himself) fetched Him a (suitable) seat.

Greeting Him with an enquiry after His health, and then washing the feet of the Lord, Bali worshipped Him who sported in the mind (even) of those that had given up (all) attachment. Bali, who knew what was right, placed on his head (as a mark of respect) the water in which His feet had been washed and which had (thus.) been rendered most auspicious, (nay,) which was capable of wiping off the sins of the people, and which (no less a personage than) Lord Siva (who has His abode on Mount Kailasa, nay), who is adored by (all the) gods and bears the crescent on His head, bore on His head with supreme devotion. Bali submitted: I (hereby) extend my (hearty) welcome to you I May salutations be to you, O (holy) Brahmana !

What can I do for you? I look upon you, O noble one, as the austerity incarnate of Brahmana seers. Today the spirits of our deceased forefathers are (fully) sated; today our (entire) race is hallowed and today (alone) this sacrifice (of ours) is successfully performed in that you have visited my house. Today my (sacred) fires stand properly fed according to the scriptural ordinance, O son of a (holy) Brahmana ! And to I this land as well of mine-whose sins have been destroyed by the waters used in washing your feet-has been consecrated by your tiny feet. (Pray,) take from me whatever you desire, O Brahmacari; (for) I infer you, O son of a (holy) Brahmana, to be one who seeks for something. (Therefore,) duly accept (from me), O most worthy one, a cow, gold, a house provided with (all) luxuries and comforts, as well as delicious food and drink or even a maid, O (holy) Brahmana, prosperous villages, horses or elephants and chariots.

Thus ends the eighteenth discourse, bearing on the descent of the divine Dwarf and comprising the dialogue between King Bali and Lord Vamana, in Book Eight of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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