Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 14:1-16

Book 9: Chapter 14

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 14: Verses 1-16
A brief survey of the Lunar Dynasty

Sri Suka began again: Now hereafter hear, O king, of the hallowed race of Soma (the moon-god), in which are mentioned kings o scared renown such as Aila (King Pururava, the son of lla). Of Brahma (the creator), sprung of the lotus (in the form of the cosmos) evolved out of the pool-like navel of the (supreme) Cosmic person possessed of countless heads,there was a son, Atri (by name), who was a replica of his father in point of excellences. Out of his tears of joy, so the tradition goes, sprang up a son, Soma (by name), who is an embodiment of nectar. he was appointed b Brahma as the lord of the Brahmanas, herbs and annual plants, as well as of the hosts of stars. Having completely subdued all the three worlds, he worshipped the Lord by means of a Rajasuya sacrifice and out of arrogance he forcibly carried away the wife of the sage Brhaspati, Tara (by name) Though slicited time and again by the sage Brhaspati (the preceptor of the gods), he did not leave her through vanity. On that account there ensued a war between the gods and the demons. Due to jealousy towards Brhaspati, Sukracarya (the preceptor of the demons together with the Asuras took the side of the moon-god (the ruler of the stars); while Lord Siva (the Destroyer of the Universe), surrounded (accompanied) by all the hosts of ghosts es poused the cause of Bhasapati (son of the sage angira, the teacher of Lord Siva) due to his affection (for brhaspati). Accompanied by all the hosts of heaven, the mighty Indra followed Brhaspati. (in this way) there raged a battle for the sake of Tara, which caused the annihilation of (both) the gods and the Asuras. Now, apprised of the (whole) situation by the sage Angira, Brahma (the creator of the universe) harshly rebuked Soma and had Tara restored to her husband, who perceived her to be enceinte. (He said to her), "Cast away, cast away at once from my soil, 0 evil-minded one! the seed sown by others. I am not going to burn you a woman, O good lady, anxious as I am to have children (through you)." Full of shame, Tara brought forth a son effulgent as gold. The sage Brhaspati (son of Angira) as well as Soma conceived a longing for the boy. (While the two were hotly disputing with regard to the child, each saying, "It is mine, not yours!" sages and gods questioned her (as to whose progeny it was). She, however, said nothing, overcome as she was by shame. Full of wrath the child said to the mother, "Why do you out of false modesty not speak (the truth), O immoral woman! (Therefore) tell me of your sin at once." Calling her aside and reassuring her, Brahma gently interrogated her. She (then) gradually intimated that the child belonged to Soma, on which Soma took possession of the child. Brahma (the self-born) gave him the name of Budha (the wise one), in virtue of his profound wisdom, O protector of men! From this son, the moon-god (the king of the stars) derived (great) joy. Of Budha was born, through h a, Pururava, who has already been referred to.* Smitten with shafts of jove to hear of his personal charm, excellences, liberality, amiable disposition, affluence and valour, which were being extolled by the celestial sage (Narada), in the court of Indra (the lord of paradise), the celestial nymph Urvasr sought his presence.



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