Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 11:1-15

Book 9: Chapter 11

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 11: Verses 1-15
The other pastimes of Sri Rama

Sri Suka resumed: Guided by His preceptor (the sage Vasistha), the divine Sri Rama Himself propitiated-by means of sacrificial performances conducted with excellent material-His own Self in the form of Lord Visnu, representing all the godson His person. (At the conclusion of the sacrifices) the Lord gave away (by way of sacrificial fees) the eastern quarter to the Hota, the southern quarter to the Brahma, the western quarter to the Adhwaryu and the northern quarter to the Udgata (the chanter of Samaveda). To His preceptor He gave away the entire land that remained at the centre, recognizing (as He did) that the Brahmana (alone) was entitled to the whole of this earth, Himself being free from (all) craving. In this way Sri Rama (who had given away His valuables and cash too) was left with the ornaments and the two pieces of cloth He had (on His person); and Empress Sita (Daughter of Janaka, the ruler of the Videha country) too was left (only) with Her Mangala-Sutra* (every other ornament even on Her person having been given away by Her to Brahmana ladies). Delighted to witness the most praiseworthy parental affection of the Lord, who is (so) fond of the Brahmanas, they however returned (all) that to Him and spoke as follows, their mind moistened with affection "As a matter of fact what has not been given to us by You, O Lord, 0 Ruler of the universe, when (we know that), entering our innermost heart, You wipe out our ignorance by Your (divine) splendour? Hail to Lord Sri Rama, a votary of the Brahmanas, the foremost of those enjoying excellent renown, whose wisdom knows no obstruction and whose (holy) feet are cherished by those who have given up (all forms of) violence. On a certain nigh, while moving about incognito and unperceived (in the capital) with intention of knowing the mind of the people, Sri rama overheard the (following) remarks of someone conerning His own Spouse (Sita): I would have you no more , a wicked and unchaste woman that you are, since you have lived in the house of another. King Rama who is excessively fond of his wife, may retain Sita (in his house); (but) I am not going to accept you again (in any case)' Forsaken by Her (divine) Consort (Sri rama) who was afraid of the ignorant and mriad-mouthed world, which could not be easily placated, Sita reached the hermitage of the sage Valmiki (son of Praceta, the god of water). Being enceint, She gave birth, when the time came, to twins who became (severally) known as Kusa and Lava. The sage (Valmiki) performed the (purificatory) rites concerning them. The two sons of Laksmana were called Angada and Citraketu; while Taksa and Puskala were the two sons of Bharata, O lord of the earth! (further) Subahu and Srutasena were the two sons of Satrughna. In the course of his conquest of the (four) quarters Bharata slew Gandharvas (celestial musicians) in tens of millions and, bringing their wealth (to Ayodhya), presented it all to the King (Sri rama). Again , getting rid of the demon, Lavana by name, son of Madhu, Strughna for his part founded on the site of (the forest of) Madhuvana a city known as Mathura Having committed Her sons (Kusa and lava) to the care of the safe (valmiki) and contemplating on Sri Rama's feet--so the tradition goes--Sita, who had been exiled by Her (divine) Spouse (and could no longer bear separation from him) found her way into the bowels of the earth (that parted asunder to take Her).



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