Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 4:1-7

Book 11: Chapter4

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 4: Verses 1-7

King Nimi said : Pray, narrate to us those various deeds which Sri Hari performed in this world during His different incarnations, assumed according to His free will and tell us those deeds also which He is performing now or will perform (in future). The sage Drumila said : He who seeks (completely) to count the endless qualities of the infinite Lord is really a person of puerile understanding. One may (possibly) count anyhow in course of time the particles of dust on earth, but in no case the excellences of the omnipotent Lord. When Lord Narayana the first and foremost Deity, created, with the five primary elements evolved by Himself, the universe as His body and entered into it by a part of His (as Its Inner Controller), then He acquired the name of Purusa. The three worlds constitute His body; through His organs come into being the twofold organs (of action and knowledge) of all creatures, and by Himself He is Consciousness; His breath is the source of the bodily and organic strength and activity of the world; through Sattva and other qualities (Rajas and Tamas) He is the first author responsible for the creation, subsistence and destruction of universe. United with Rajas, that most ancient Person appeared in the beginning as Brahma for the creation of this universe; in association with the quality of Sattva the same Lord appeared as God Visnu for the continuity of the universe and for the maintenance of Dharma among the twice-born and for giving the fruit of sacrifices; endowed with Tamas He appeared as Rudra for the destruction of the universe. Through these (Brahma, Visnu and Rudra) proceed the creation, preservation and destruction of the creatures in each Kalpa. He was born as the foremost of the Rsis, possessed of perfect tranquillity, viz., Narayana and Nara, of Murti, daughter of Daksa and wife of Dharma. They preached that kind of action (viz., worship of the Lord) which leads to the knowledge of the Self and themselves practised it. Their feet are worshipped by the best of Rsis and even today They (Nara-Narayana) are performing that (very) action.Suspecting that the sage (Narayana) desired to take possession of his domain (heaven), Indra sent Kamadeva (the god of love) with his attendants to Badarikasrama-(which owed its name to its grove of jujube trees). Kamadeva did not know His prowess and he went there with a bevy of celestial nymphs, soft breezes and the spring season, and tried to disturb His mind with the arrow-like amorous glances of the women.



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