Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 55:1-13

Book 10: Fifty-five Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 55: Verses 1-13

Thus ends the fifty-fourth discourse, forming part of the story of Rukmini 's wedding, in the latter half of Book Ten of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.

Discourse LV The story of Pradyumna's birth (and the destructionof the demon Sambara) Sri Suka began again : Having been burnt (to ashes) in his former birth by the wrath of Rudra (the god of destruction), Kama (the god of love), a portion of Lord Sri Krsna, sought for his part Him alone once more for investiture with a body. Sprung from the loins of Sri Krsna, the selfsame god of love was (re-) born of Rukmini (the princess of Vidarbha) and became widely known as Pradyumna, and proved to be a compeer of his Father in every respect. Coming to know Pradyumna to be his (future) enemy, the demon Sambara, who could assume any form at will, carried off the babe (from the lying-in-chamber) while it was not yet ten days old and, casting it into the sea, went home. A mighty fish swallowed it and the former too was alongwith others enmeshed in a huge net by fishermen. The fishermen brought the fish as a present to Sambara and the cooks (in charge of his kitchen) took it into the kitchen and cut the wonderful fish with a knife. Discovering a babe in the bowels of the fish, they handed it over to Mayavati (a maid-servant of Sambara), whose mind was full of doubts; and the celestial sage Narada (presently) told her everything as to who the babe was, how it was born and how it had (finally) made its way into the bowels of the fish.
The maid-servant was really speaking (no otherthan) the illustrious consort of Kama, Rati by name, who had been (eagerly) awaiting (all the while) the reincarnation of her spouse, whose body had been burnt to ashes (by Lord Siva). Having been entrusted with (the work of) cooking pulses and rice, she fastened her affection on the babe now that she had come to know the child to be (none other than) Kamadeva (the god of love). At no distant date Pradyumna (the son of Sri Krsna) attained (the prime of) youth and kindled love in the breast of women who gazed on him. Lovingly regarding him, her husband-who had eyes big as the petals of a lotus and exceptionally long arms, nay, who was charming among men-with bashful smiles and upraised eyebrows, Rati, 0 dear Pariksit, greeted him with amorous gestures. Lord Pradyumna (the son of Sri Krsna) said to her, "(I find that) your affection (towards me) has got perverted inasmuch as, having abandoned your motherly sentiment, you are behaving as a paramour (which is rather strange), 0 mother !" Rati replied : You are the son of Narayana (Lord Sri Krsna), who were stolen away by the demon Sambara from the lying-in-chamber. I am your appointed wife, Rati, and you are (no other than) Love, my consort ! While you were not yet ten days old, the said demon Sambara cast you into the sea, where a fish devoured you and from the bowels of that fish you have reached this place (the residence of Sambara), my spouse !



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