Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 48:1-11

Book 10: Forty-eight Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 48: Verses 1-11
The Lord pays a visit to Kubja (the hunchbacked woman) and Akrura at their respective places

Sri Suka began again : Perceiving what was in the mind of Trivakra (the erstwhile maid-servant of Kamsa), smitten (as she was) with (pangs of) love (for Sri Krsna), and seeking her gratification, the all-seeing Lord, the Soul of the universe, then called at her house, (which was) equipped with costly articles of household use and supplemented by devices stimulating passion (such as erotic pictures), nay, embellished with strings of pearls and flags, canopies, beds and seats as well as with fragrant incenses, lights, wreaths and perfumes. Seized with a flurry, as a matter of fact, to perceive Him coming to her house, she stood up at once from her seat and, meeting Him with due ceremony alongwith her female companions, honoured Sri Krsna (the unfailing Lord) by offering Him a good seat and other articles of worship. Duly honoured by her in a like manner, Uddhava squatted on the floor touching the seat (offered by her) with his head. Following the practices of the worldly-minded, Sri Krsna, for His part, quickly settled down on the costly bed (already placed there). Duly preparing herself with a bath, pigments, fine linen, jewellery, garlands, perfumes, betel-leaves chewed with catechu, lime and areca-nut parings etc., nectar-like beverage and so on, she approached Sri Krsna (a scion of Madhu) with shy looks accompanied by sportful smiles and amorous gestures. Calling (to His side) the lovely damsel, timid (as she was) through bashfulness occasioned by her (very) first meeting (with a lover), and seizing her by the hand, adorned with a bracelet, the Lord set her on the bed and dallied with the charming girl, her only merit (entitling her to this rare privilege and honour) being that she had (willingly) offered (to Him) sandal-paste (which was meant for Karhsa, her master; who had a special liking for it).
Enjoying the (transcendent) smell of His feet and brushing off the suffering of her breasts, bosom and eyes-tormented (as they were) with pangs of love-by the (soothing . and thrilling) touch of the feet of Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord), she folded in her arms the all blissful Darling, who (now) rested on her bosom, and (thereby) got rid of her agony (of separation from Him) of very long standing. Alas ! having thus secured by offering pigment the presence of Sri Krsna, the almighty Lord, the Bestower of final beatitude, (who is) so difficult to attain, the hapless woman (unlike the blessed Gopis, who dedicated their all to Him and sought nothing in return) asked (of Him) the following (viz., the gratification of her carnal desire, although her physical contact alone with the all-blissful and all-powerful Lord was enough to ensure for her the highest blessing in the form of final beatitude). She said, "(Be pleased to) stay here (in my house) for a few days and make merry with me, my most beloved friend, (for) I dare not forgo your company, 0 lotus- eyed one I" Granting her the desired boon (in the shape of a promise to revel with her again) and honouring her (with suitable presents and polite words and thereby acknowledging her service), Sri Krsna (the Ruler of all), who respects (the wishes of) all, returned with Uddhava to His own abode (Vasudeva's house), (which was) full of prosperity.) He who, having duly propitiated Sri Krsna (the all-pervading Lord), the Ruler (even) of universal lords (Brahma, Siva and others), who is so hard to please (except through exclusive Devotion), asks for that which is acceptable (agreeable) to the mind is of perverted understanding because of his pettiness.



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