Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 1:1-10

Book 10: First Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 1: Verses 1-10
The Lord reassures Mother Earth; Vasudeva marries Devaki and Kamsa despatches the six sons of Devaki

The king began again : The extent of the lunar and solar dynasties and (an account of) the most wonderful deeds of the kings born in both the dynasties as well as of the extremely pious Yadu have been told by you, 0 jewel among sages! (Now kindly) recount to us exploits of Lord Visnu descended in that line along with Sri Balarama (His part manifestation). (Pray,) narrate to us in detail (all) those deeds which the (said) Lord, the Soul of the universe and the Protector of created beings, performed, appearing in the line of Yadu.
What man other than the killer of animals would desist from a recital of the excellences of the illustrious Lord-a (sure) remedy for (the malady of) transmigration, (and highly) pleasing to the ear as well as to the mind, and constantly sung (even) by souls from whom the thirst for pleasure has departed (for ever). Using Him for a raft my grandfather (Arjuna) and granduncles (Yudhisthira and others) indeed crossed the ocean of the Kaurava army-(so) difficult to cross because (of the presence) of whales in the form of great car-warriors like Devavrata (more popularly known by the name of Bhisma), vanquishers in battle of (even) immortals--treating it as a (mere) footprint of a calf. Again, having entered, discus in hand, the womb of my mother (Uttara), who had sought Him as her refuge, He protected this body of mine, the seed of the race of the Kurus and the Pa Navas, and badly burnt by the (mystic) missile hurled by Aawatthama (the son of Drona).
Recount, 0 sage, the exploits of that Lord, disguised as a human being by His transcendental creative energy, who, dwelling (both) within and outside all embodied beings, (severally) in the form of the Inner Controller and Time, metes out to them (according to their deserts) death (metempsychosis) as well as immortality. Sañkarsana (Balarama) was (first) referred' to by you as a son of Rohini. How could his connection be conceived with the womb of Devaki without his assuming another body? Wherefore did Lord Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation) shift to Vraja from His father's residence (at Mathura? And where (in what different places) did that Lord of the Yadus take up His abode along with His kinsfolk? What did Lord Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Siva), do while residing in Vraja as well as at Mathura (the city founded by the demon Madhu)? And wherefore did He personally slay Kamsa, His (own) mother's cousin and (therefore) not deserving such fate (at His hands) ?



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