Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 29:1-9

Book 11: Chapter 29

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 29: Verses 1-9

Uddhava submitted: I consider this Yogic discipline extremely hard to practise for one who has not been able to control his mind. (Therefore, pray) tell me explicitly, 0 immortal Lord, the means by which a man may easily attain perfection. Yogis (strivers) trying to curb their mind, 0 lotus-eyed Lord, get tired in their attempt to control it and often feel frustrated because of their not being able to compose it. It is for this very reason that men who are capable of distinguishing the substantial from the unsubstantial easily and definitely resort to Your lotus-feet, yielding (the nectar of) supreme bliss, 0 lotus-eyed Lord of the universe! Handicapped (however) are they by Your Maya (deluding potency), who, being proud of their Self-Knowledge and (knowledge of) ritual acts, do not (so) resort to You. That You should be subject to the will of Your servants (devotees) that are exclusively devoted to You, 0 Befriender of all, is no wonder for You, 0 immortal Lord ! who found delight in the company of animals (monkeys etc.,in Your descent as Sri Rama as well as in Your infantile sports at Vrindabana), even though Your very footstool is (ever and anon) rubbed by the end of the brilliant diadems of Brahma and others (the rulers of the world)! What man who is conscious of good offices done (by you) to Your devotees (in the past) can possibly turn his back on You as aforesaid, the Ruler and the Beloved, (nay,) the very Self of the entire creation, who bestow all desired boons upon those that have sought shelter with You ? What (knowing) man will as a matter of fact go in for something (other than You, even though gifted by You,) which is conducive to good fortune (alone) and later on, to forgetfulness (about You) ? What good fortune will not attend on us, who take delight in the dust of Your feet (Even) enlightened souls cannot get square with You, 0 Lord ! even through the span of life allotted to Brahma (viz., 31,10,40,00,00,00,000 years) and feel overjoyed while recalling Your obligations; for (they know that) appearing in the form of the preceptor outside and in the form of the Inner Controller within (their heart) it is You who drive away the sin (and impurities) of embodied souls and reveal Your true nature (to them). Sri Suka began again: Questioned thus by Uddhava, whose mind was excessively devoted to Him, Sri Krsna (the suzerain Lord even of Brahma and others, the rulers of the univei se), who, having assumed three forms (under the names of Brahma, Visnu and Siva) through His own potencies (in the shape of Rajas, Sattva and Tamas), toys with the world, lovingly spoke (as follows) with a soul-ravishing smile (on His lips). The glorious Lord said : Hullo ! I shall tell you the most auspicious courses of conduct pleasing to Me, following which with reverence a mortal conquers death, which is so difficult to conquer. With mind and intellect dedicated to Me and his mind and soul finding delight in the courses of conduct pleasing to Me, a man should gradually (learn to) perform all actions for My sake, remembering Me (all the while).



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