Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 90:1-12

Book 10: Ninety (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 90: Verses 1-12

The Story of (the amorous sports of) Sri Krsna narrated

And streets were day and night thronged with young elephants in rut, richly adorned soldiers, horses and brilliant chariots plated with gold. On every side of the city there were gardens and parks containing rows of trees in blossom which were filled with the music of birds and humming bees. It was a city abounding in wealth of every description. The world's greatest heroes, the Yadus, considered it a privilege to live in it and enjoy its amenities. The women of that city possessed budding youth. When, while playing with balls etc., in their mansions, their gorgeous dress got unsettled exposing a part of their body, it flashed as a streak of lightning. The Lord of Laksmi (the goddess of prosperity) Himself lived in that city with great ease and comfort. It was His own (favourite) city. Bhagavan Sri Krsna was the one beloved consort of (more than) sixteen thousand wives. Each of them possessed a mansion of surpassing wealth and splendour for her residence. Assuming as many charming forms as He had wives, He sported with them (severally) in their mansions. All these mansions possessed beautiful tanks of their own. Their limpid water was ever fragrant with the pollen of lotuses of every description, (Swans, cranes and other beautiful) birds (continually) warbled in them.
The Lord of prosperity (Bhagavan Sri Krsna) sported (with His consorts) entering the water of the rivers, and the saffron on the breasts of these ladies transferred itself to His bosom as they embraced Him (in the course of these sports.) The Gandharvas (at that time) sang His praises, while the Sutas, Magadhas and bards joyously sounded their clay tomtoms, kettledrums, tabors and lutes. The consorts of the Lord would (now and then) smilingly throw jets of water on Him through syringes, and He (too) sprinkled water on them and drenched them in return. Sporting thus with His wives, He would appear like Kubera (the king of Yaksas) sporting with Yaksa women. The breasts and thighs of these ladies would appear through their wet clothes, and flowers stuck to their swollen braids would drop. Throwing water on Him (through their syringes), they would approach Him with intent to wrest the syringe from His hands, and make it an excuse for embracing their beloved Lord. Through His thrilling touch their love would grow all the more, which would make their face bloom in great joy. The beauty of the queens naturally increased on such occasions. The garland of sylvan flowers hanging on Bhagavan Sri Krsna's bosom would get tinged with the saffron on their breasts. Through intense absorption in enjoyment the braid of His curly locks would get loosened and begin to wave free in the air. He would throw, again and again, jets of water on His consorts, who in their turn would drench Him in the same fashion. In this way the Lord sported with His consorts (even) as the leader of a herd of wild elephants would with their females. (On the conclusion of this sport) Bhagavan Sri Krsna and His consorts would give away their clothes and ornaments used at the time of sport to male and female dancers and to those who subsisted by vocal and instrumental music.



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