Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 13:1-10

Book 5: Chapter 13

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 13: Verses 1-10
Bharata allegorically represents this state of worldly existence as a forest and the doubts of Rahugana get resolved

The Brahmana began again : Put on the path (of worldly activity)-the end of which is (so) difficult to attain-by Maya (the beginningless deluding potency of the Lord) and devoted to activities : divided into various categories according as they are dominated by the qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, this company of merchants, ranging everywhere with the object of acquiring wealth (in the shape of lasting bliss), enters the forest of mundane existence, where it finds no delight (whatsoever). In that forest, Q ruler of men, there are six high-waymen, who rob this company led by an unworthy chief; and, finding access to their camp, jackals drag away an unwary member of the company even as wolves carry away a strayed sheep. Harassed by cruel gnats and mosquitoes, in a place dense with numerous creepers, grass and shrubs, they witness here an imaginary city in the sky, while at other places they behold a fleeting ogre appearing like a firebrand. Looking upon a habitat, water and wealth as their own, they run about here and there in the forest, 0 Rahugana; while at some places they cannot distinguish the quarters smoky With the dust raised by a whirlwind, their eyes being blinded with dust. The (shrill) notes of unseen crickets jarring upon their ears and their mind disquieted with the hooting of owls, they betake themselves to unholy trees when oppressed with hunger; while at some places they run after a mirage (in order to quench their thirst).

Here they march towards streams without water and, when starving, they seek food from one another; there they meet with a forest conflagration and get scorched with fire; while at a third they give way to despair when about to be killed by Yaksas (a species of demigods ruled over by Kubera; the god of riches). When dispossessed of their wealth by (other) heroic men, they feel depressed in spirits; nay, grieving and getting confused, they faint away. And, entering an imaginary city somewhere, they rejoice (there) for an hour or so as though (quite) happy. Desirous of climbing up a hill, they sometimes proceed in that direction to some distance; but, (the soles of) their feet being pierced with thorns and gravel, they sit down like one sad at heart. Burdened with (the maintenance of) a large family (but unable to support them) and tormented with hunger (lit.,the gastric fire), they indeed get angry every moment with their own people. Cast (to their fate) in the forest now and devoured by a serpent belonging to the species known as the boa constrictor, they have no consciousness left in them; and now bitten by poisonous creatures (snakes etc.), and fallen in some covered (and therefore deceptive) well, deprived of their sight, remain lying down there in darkness. Sometimes seeking after honey (stored by bees), they are tormented by bees and feel frustrated in their attempt. (Even) if they achieve (some) success in that direction with great hardship, others forcibly rob them of the booty and (while they are engaged in an encounter with these) yet others snatch away the prize.



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[[hi:श्रीमद्भागवत महापुराण पंचम स्कन्ध अध्याय 13 श्लोक 1-10]