Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 54:1-16

Book 10: Fifty-four Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 54: Verses 1-16
Discomfiture of Sisupala's allies and Rukmi and the Espousal of Rukmini by Sri Krsna solemnized

Sri Suka began again : Riding on their mounts and surrounded each by his own troops, all the (aforesaid) kings, full of rage, ran with the foregoing words in (hot) pursuit (of Sri Krsna), wielding their bows and clad in armour. Seeing them rushing (after them), the celebrated generals of the Yadava army stood facing them, 0 king, twanging their bows. Like clouds pouring showers on mountains, the adversaries-who were (all) skilled soldiers, and rode on horseback, the shoulders of elephants and in their seat on the chariots-discharged volleys of shafts on the Yadava warriors. Perceiving the army of her Spouse screened by showers of arrows, Rukmini (who had a slender waist) bashfully looked at His face with eyes confounded through fear. Laughing heartily the Lord said (to her), "Do not be afraid, 0 fair-eyed one ! The yonder army of the enemies will be destroyed just now with the help of your (own) troops." Intolerant of the aforementioned prowess of the enemies, Gada, Sankarsana (Balarama) and other heroes (of the Yadava army) proceeded to strike with Naracas (a particular type of arrows) the horses and elephants as well as the chariots (of the hostile army). There fell to the ground in tens of millions heads, adorned with ear-rings, diadems and turbans, hands-bearing swords, maces and bows-forearms, thighs and feet of car-warriors, horsemen and soldiers fighting on elephants, as well as heads of horses, mules, elephants, camels, donkeys and men (foot-soldiers). Their armies being beaten (thus) by the Vrsnis, who were keen after victory, the kings led by Jarasandha, turned their backs and withdrew (from the field of battle). Approaching SSisupala-who felt distressed as though his wedded wife had been abducted and was cheerless and dispirited, and whose face was withering (through melancholy)-Jarasandha and others spoke to him (as follows):-- "0 tiger among men, shake off this despondency. Permanence of joy and sorrow is not seen in embodied beings, 0 king ! (Just) as a puppet dances to the will of the showman, likewise does this creature exert according to the will of Providence so as to reap joy and sorrow. Having sustained defeat at the hands of Krsna (a scion of Sura) in as many as seventeen encounters, though followed by twenty-three Aksauhinis (each time), I won only one battle (viz., the last one). Yet I never grieve (over discomfiture) nor exult (over victory), knowing as I do the world to be ravaged by Them coupled with destiny. (14) This time too we, (who are) leaders (even) of those commanding troops of warriors, have all been vanquished by the Yadus, protected by Krsna, though accompanied by a small army. Time being favourable to them, the enemies (the Yadus) have won this time. We shall (likewise) excel them when time is particularly propitious (to us)."



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