Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 6 Chapter 5:1-13

Book 6: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 6: Chapter 5: Verses 1-13
Narada subjected to an execration (by Daksa)

Sri Suka resumed : Indeed energized by Lord Visnu's Maya (creative power), the aforesaid Daksa (a lord of created beings) begot through Pancajani ten thousand sons, known as the Haryaswas. Alike in conduct and disposition, all those sons of Daksa, O king (Pariksit), proceeded in a westerly direction (to practise austerities) when commanded by their father to beget offspring. There they reached a most extensive and holy lake called Narayanasara, situated in the area where the river Sindhu (the modern Indus) falls into the sea, and resorted to by sages and Siddhas (a class of demigods endowed with mystic powers from their very birth). By merely bathing therein they not only had their mind thoroughly cleansed of all impurities (in the shape of likes and dislikes and so on) but also developed an inclination to follow the path of ascetics of the highest order (the path of Renunciation and Self-Knowledge). Yet they practised severe austerities alone, bound as they were by the command of their father. Narada (the celestial sage), it is said, saw them intent on increasing the population (of the world) and forthwith said, "O Haryaswas, without having seen the end of the earth how will you actually (be able to) beget progeny? Though protectors (of 'men), alas ! you are ignorant ! Similarly, without fully knowing the country inhabited by a single person, the hole with no visible outlet, the woman assuming different forms (at will) and even so the man who is the husband of a harlot, the river running both ways (both forward and backward), the wonderful house built of twenty-five materials, the swan, at one place, which has a strange story to tell, and something exceptionally sharp and strong (as though made of razors and adamant), independent and revolving, and without having understood the command of your omniscient father, suitable for you, how will you proceed with (the work of) creation?"

Sri Suka continued : Hearing these enigmatic words of Narada (the celestial sage), the Haryaswas themselves presently pondered over them with their own intellect, which was endowed with innate quickness of perception. (They said to themselves): "The earth (referred to by the celestial sage) is (no other than) the field (in the shape of the subtle body, yielding the crop of merit and sin, happiness and misery etc., and) known as the diva (because conditioning it), which has existed from remote antiquity and serves as a fetter for the soul. Without seeing its extinction what is to be gained through useless actions (actions not conducive to Liberation)? The Lord is the sole (almighty) Ruler (of the country in the shape of this universe), the witness of all the three states of the mind (the waking state, the dream state and the state of deep sleep) and hence known as the fourth or transcendent principle, who is supported by (none else than) His own Self and is higher than (the cause of) all. Without seeing Him who is eternally free from birth (and death), what purpose can be achieved by man through useless activities (which are not dedicated to Him)? What is to be achieved in this world through useless acts (serving as a means for the attainment of heavenly bliss and other enjoyments of a transitory nature) by him who has not realized the self-effulgent Brahma, on attaining which a man does not return (to this mortal plane) any more than one who has reached the heaven-like subterranean regions returns to the earth (in the same life).



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