Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 5:1-9

Book 12: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 5: Verses 1-9

[1] [2] Sri Suka began again : In this (Bhagavata-Mahapurana) stands celebrated every now and then Lord Sri Hari, the Soul (Controller) of the universe, of whose exultation and anger were (severally) born Brahma (the creator) and Rudra (the god of destruction). You for your part, 0 king, give up this (foolish) notion, characteristic of a brute, that you will die. Unlike the body-which is born at a, particular moment while it was non-existent before and, therefore, perishes-you (the soul that you are) were not so born and (therefore) will not die. You were never born (as a father) nor will you be born in the form of a son and again in that of a grandson, and so on as the tree from a seed and (again) a seed from the tree; (for) you are (quite) distinct from the body etc., just as fire (is distinct from the firewood). Since-just as in the dream state a man himself sees his head lopped off-one witnesses the death etc., of one's body (alone, and not of the self, which is the seer and different from those states), the self (within you) is as a matter of fact undying and unborn. (Just) as when an earthen pot is broken the space enclosed by it is (once more) the same as it was before (the pot came into existence), so when the body is (finally) dissolved (as a result of Self-Realization) the individual soul becomes one with Brahma again. The mind alone creates bodies, objects of senses and actions for the soul. It is Maya that creates the aforesaid mind; and from Maya proceeds the transmigration of the Jiva. A light maintains its character as light (only) so long as there is found the combination of oil, that which holds the oil, a wick and fire. Even so it is through the action of Rajas, Sattva and Tamas that a body appears and ceases; while transmigration has its root in mistaking the body as one's own self. (Just as with the going out of a light the element of fire does not perish, so) the soul encased in a body does not perish (with the body)-the soul which is self-effulgent and lies beyond the physical no less than the astral body, inasmuch as it is the support of all, immutable and all-pervasive, (nay,) endless and unparalleled like the sky. Full of constant thought of Lord Vasudeva, 0 king, investigate thus (the truth of) the Self encased in your psychophysical organism, by your own effort with we help be of able syllogistic burn reasoning.



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