Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 12:1-8

Book 5: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 12: Verses 1-8
Bharata answers the query of Rahugana

Rahugana said : Hail, hail to you, who have taken this godlike form (for the protection of the world) and have ignored your body in (the supreme bliss of) Self-Realization ! Hail to you, O master of Yoga, who have concealed your realization of Eternal Truth under the garb of an unworthy Brahmana (a Brahmana only in name). Like a palatable medicine to one suffering from the disease of fever, or like cold water to one scorched by the heat (of the sun), your word, O holy Brahmana, has proved a nectar-like remedy to me, whose vision (judgment) has been bitten (warped) by the serpent of self-identification with this worthless (perishable) body. I shall, therefore, refer my doubt to you later; (kindly) explain to me (just) at--. present-inquisitive as 1 am-your teaching, which is pregnant with deep spiritual import, in such a way as to make it easily intelligible. My mind is bewildered by the statement, you have made, O master of Yoga, that actions (such as carrying a load and so on) and their visible effects (on the doer in the shape of fatigue etc.), though not illusory, are (only) relative and cannot easily stand a sifting enquiry into the Truth (are not fit to be recognized as the absolute truth).

The Brahmana replied : That which is a modification of earth (itself), traversing its surface for some reason (or other), 0 king, comes to be known as this man (a palanquin-bearer). And above the feet of this (modification of earth) are located the two ankles, the two shanks, the two knees and the two thighs, the waist, the chest, the neck and the two shoulders. On one of the shoulders lies the wooden palanquin, in which is seated another modification of earth bearing the title of Sauviraraja (the king of Sauvira). Having identified yourself with this, you account yourself as the ruler of the Sindhus (the people of the Sindhu territory), blinded by vain pride. Nay, constraining these people-who were already afflicted with great misery (due to poverty) and (therefore) deserved to be pitied (rather than oppressed)-to do work for you without any remuneration, you are (but) proving your heartlessness. (Yet) shamelessly bragging that you are a guardian of the people, you (indeed) cut a sorry figure in the assemblies of the wise. When we know that the (entire) mobile (animate) and immobile (inanimate) creation invariably springs up from earth and is reabsorbed into it, tell me if there is any ground for (our manifold worldly) activities-other than (the) names (of the various earthly objects that we have to deal with in the course of our activities)-that may be concluded to be real by virtue of the work that we take from it.



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