Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 9:1-10

Book 10: Ninth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 9: Verses 1-10
Grace (showered) on Yasoda

Sri Suka resumed : One day, when the maid-servants of the house were engaged in other work (connected with the annual worship of Indra), Yasoda, Nanda's wife, personally churned the curds (and boiled the milk for her Son). Nay, recalling at the time of churning the curds whatever infantile sports of her Son were sung there (in Vraja), she celebrated them in song. Wearing round her wide loins a silk garment (similar to a petticoat) fastened with a string, and bearing (on her bosom) a pair of shaking breasts overflowing (with milk) from affection for her son, a face covered with sweat, a pair of ear-rings (hanging from the lobes of her ears) and a pair of bangles moving about her fore-arms fatigued with pulling the string, the handsome lady churned the curds with full strength, jasmine blossoms dropping from her braid (all the time). Coming up to His mother (engaged in) churning the curds, and holding the churning-stick, Sri Hari, full of longing for a suck, stopped her, bringing joy to her (by His loving and lovable gestures).
She suckled Sri Krsna--who had (now) climbed up to her lap-at her breast overflowing (with milk) from affection, looking into His smiling countenance. When, however, the milk kept on the oven (for boiling) began to overflow, she went out in haste (to remove the boiling milk from the hearth in order to save it from being spilt), leaving Him unsated. Biting hard His quivering ruddy lip-His indignation having been aroused (by the mother's wilful neglect)-and having broken the pot for churning the curds by means of a (flat) piece of stone (used for grinding condiments etc., with) on a slab, with counterfeit tears (in His eyes), He went to the interior of the house and clandestinely ate fresh butter (stored there). Having taken down the milk, which was fully boiled (now), the cowherd lady entered again to find the pot of curds broken; and knowing that to be the work of her Son, whom she did not behold even there, she laughed (heartily).
(Then) observing her Son firmly standing on the (overturned) base of a wooden mortar and freely giving fresh butter kept on a swing to a monkey with eyes full of fear due to His theft (having been detected), she gently went up to Him from behind. Clearly perceiving her with a rod held in her hand (in order to threaten her son), Sri Krsna got down in haste from the mortar and ran away like one afraid. Yasoda (too) ran after Him whom (even) the mind of Yogis, attuned through concentration and (hence) capable of penetrating into His reality, could not reach ! Pursuing her Son, the handsome mother, whose progress was retarded by the weight of her bulky moving hips and who was followed (at it were) by the flowers dropping from her loosened braid, (eventually) caught hold of Him.



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