Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 1:1-20

Book 12: Chapter 1

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 1: Verses 1-20

The king (Pariksit) submitted.: When Sri Krsna, the Jewel of Yadu's line, had left for His own realm in Heaven, whose dynasty ruled over the earth ? (Pray) tell me this, 0 (revered) sage ! Sri Suka replied: 0 Pariksit ! Puranjaya, who has been spoken of as the last-named (king) in the line of Brhadratha, is yet to come. His minister Sunaka, for his part, will assassinate his master and instal as king his own son, named Pradyota, whose son will be (called) Palaka. His son will be (known by the name of) Visakhyupa and from him will follow Rajaka. His son will be (called) Nandivardhana.These five kings, (collectively known as) the Pradyotanas, will rule over the earth for a hundred and thirty-eight years. [1] Sisunaga will come next and his. son will be Kakavarna. The latter's son will be Ksemadharma and Ksetrajna will be the son of Ksemadharma. His son will ., be Vidhisara and Vidhisara's son will be Ajatasatru. Darbhaka will been named as Ajaya. Nandivardhana will be the son of his son and Darbhaka's son has of Ajaya and Mahanandi will be the son sprung from the loins of Nandivardhana. These ten kings, Sisunagas, alone will rule over the earth for three hundred Collectively known as) the Kali, 0 jewel among the Kurus hundred and sixty years during the age of Mahanandi`s mighty son, who will be born of Sudra woman, 0 king, will be a certain Nanda, who will own a huge army or untold riches and will the ruin of the Ksatriya race, Thenceforward the rulers of men will unrighteous. will be mostly and will bring about sudras and Like another Parasurama (a scion of the sage Bhrgu) the said Mahapadma will bring the (entire) gobe under one sceptre and nobody will (dare) violate his commands. Eight sons with Sumalya as the eldest will be born to him; they will rule over this globe as kings for a hundred years (all told): so the tradition goes. A certain Brahmana (Canakya or Kautalya by name and also nicknamed as Vatsyayana) will uproot (all) the nine Nandas (Mahapadma and his eight sons) who will be at heomercy. On their destruction it is the Mauryas that will rule the earth during the Kali age. That very Brahmana will instal Candragupta on the . throne. His son indeed will be Varisara and Asokavardhana will be born to the latter. His son will be Suyasa and Suyasa's, Samgata. Salisuka will be born to him and his son will be Somasarma. Satadhanva will be born to Somasarma and to him, Brhadratha. Indeed, these ten* Maurya kings will hold sway over the earth for a hundred and thirty-seven years in the Kali age, 0 jewel of Kuru's line ! Assassinating Brhadratha, the Maurya his generallissimo, Pusyamitra, bearing the surname of Sunga, will assume the reins of government himself. AAgnimitra will be born to Puyamitra and to him again, will be born Sujyesthà. His son will be Vasumitra's and Vajramitra Brahmana; to him will be born Pulinda. Ghosa will be born as a son to Pulinda and from Ghosa will follow Vajramitra. To him will be born Bhagavata and to Bhagavata, a son known by the name of Devabhuti.[2] These ten Sungas will rule the earth for more than a century. Then this earth will pass on to the Kanva Kings, though they will be possessed of poor merit, 0 protector of men ! Having assassinated the lewd Devabhuti of the Sunga clan, his very clever minister, Vasudeva of the Kanva dynasty, will, as a matter of fact, assume the reins of government himself. Again, Bhumitra will be his son and Bhumitra's son will be Narayana. (And) Narayana's son will be widely known by the name of Susarma.



  1. Vide IX, xxii. 49, where Puranjaya has been referred to under the name of Ripunjaya.
  2. The number of Maurya kings; including Empesror Candragupta, is ten only. The list given in the Visnu and other Puranas includes the name of Dasaratha as the fifth in order from Candragupta, His name should therefore be taken as included in thelist in order to complete the number ten. The first two lines of verse 16 have not been recognized by Sndhara and some other commentators too.

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