Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 24:1-23

Book 9: Chapter 24

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 24: Verses 1-23
An account of the posterity of Yadu

Sri Suka resumed : Through Bhojya, Vidarbha begot two sons, Kusa and Kratha by name , and (also) a third, called Romapada, who was the delight of Vidarbha's family. Romapada's son was Babhru and Babhru was born Krti. His son was Usika, of whom Cedi was born . And from (the loins of) the latter appeared Damaghosa (the son of Cedi) and so on, O protector of men ! Kratha's son was Kunti, whose son was Dhrsti; and then came Nirvrti. Form (the loins of) Nirvrti appeared a son , Dasarha by name, whose son was Vyoma. From Vyoma foolowed Jimuta, and his son was Vikrti, whose son was Bhimaratha. From (the loins of) the latter sprang up a son Navaratha (by name). And from him followed Dasara tha.. (Dasaratha's son was Sakuni;) Sakuni's son was Krambhi and Karambhi's son was Devarata, from whom followed devaksatra; Devaksatra's son was Madhu and Madhu's son was Kuruvasa, of whom was born Anu. Anu's son again was Puruhotra, whose son was Ayu; and of the lattter was born Satvata, Bhjamana, Bhaji, Divya Vrsni, Devavrdha, Andhka and Mahabhoja were the (seven) sons of Satvata, O worthy king ! Nimloci, Kinkina and even so Dhrsti were the sons of Bhajamana by his on wife; and Satajit, Sahasrajit and Ayutajit-these were his three sons y the other, O lord! Devavrdha's son was Babhrul;; of two (father and son) they recite the following two couplets:- As we heard from a distance, so do we obserce from near. Babhru is the foremost of men, (while) Devavrdha compares with the gods. Men who attained immortality (freedom from birth and death) through (the precepts of) Babhru and Devavrdha too numbered fourteen thousand and sity-five. Mahabhoja (the seventh son of Satvata) too had given his mind to piety, and those born in his line came to be (known as) the bhojas. Sumitra was the son of Vrsni and (so) Yudhajit too, 0 chastiser of foes ! Yudhajit's sons were Sini and Anamitra and Nimna was born of Anamitra. Again, Satrajit and Prasena were born of Nimna; and Satyaka was the son of Sini, who has been shown above to be the other son of Anamitra. The son of Satyaka indeed was Yuyudhana (also known as Satyaki), whose son was Jaya, from whom followed Kuni; and of him was born Yugandhara. (Yet) another son of Anamitra was,Vrsni, of whom were born Swaphalka and-Citraratha. From (the loins of) Swaphalka through Gandini were born twelve celebrated sons (besides Akrura), Akrura being the foremost of them all. The twelve sons were Asahga and Sarameya, Mrdura, Mrduvid, Giri, Dharmavrddha and Sukarma, Ksetropeksa, Arimardana and Satrughna, Gandhamada and Pratibahu. They had a sister (also), bearing the name of Sucira. Again, Devavan and Upadeva were the two sons of Akrura. Similarly, Prthu, Vidaratha and many others were the sons of Citraratha (the younger brother of Swaphalka), (all) scions of Vrsnl. Kukura, Bhajamana, Suci and Kambalabarhisa were the sons of Andhaka*. Kukura's son was Vahni, whose son was Viloma and from Viloma followed Kapotaroma. His son was Anu, whose friend was (the famous Gandharva) Tumburu, a master of music. Anu's son was Andhaka, of whom was born Dundubhi. Then came Aridyota, whose son was Punarvasu. The latter had a son. Ahuka, as well as a daughter, Ahuki. Again, Devaka and Ugrasena were the two sons of Ahuka. Devavan, Upadeva, Sudeva and Devavardhana were the four sons of Devaka. They had seven sisters, the eldest of whom was Dhrtadeva, O protector of men ! They were (besides Dhrtadeva) Santideva, Upadeva, Srideva, Devaraksita, Sahadeva and Devaki. Vasudeva (the father of Sri Krsna) married them (all).



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