Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 25:1-16

Book 3: Chapter 25

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 25: Verses 1-16
Lord Kapila expatiates on the glory of Devotion in response to the query of mother Devahuti

Saunaka said : Kapila, who expounded the true nature of the fundamental principles, was no other than the birthless Lord (Narayana), descended of his own free will and through His own Maya (wonderful creative energy) in order to teach humanity the truth of the Self. Although I have often heard the stories of the Lord, my senses are not sated with hearing the glory of Lord Kapila, the best of all men and the foremost of all Yogis. Having assumed by His own Maya a personality conforming to the will of His devotees, whatever the Lord does is all worth singing. Therefore, kindly narrate all those doings to me, full of reverence as I am. Stith said : Urged in this way to expound the true nature of the fundamental principles, the worshipful Maitreya, a friend of the sage Dwaipayana, (Vedavyasa) addressed Vidura as follows according to the spirit of his enquiry. Maitreya said : When Kardama (Lord Kapila's father) had left for the forest, Lord Kapila stayed (in the latter's hermitage) on the strand of the same Bindusarovara in order to please His mother (Devahuti). (One day) when Kapila (Devahuti's son), who was capable of showing to her the culmination of the fundamental principles, sat at leisure, Devahuti recalled the words of Brahma [1]and spoke to Him (as follows). Devahuti said : I am awfully sick of the craving (for enjoyment) of my wicked senses, 0 Perfect One! It is because of my unremitting efforts to gratify this craving that I have fallen into the deep abyss of ignorance, O Lord. In this present birth, which (I am sure) is going to be the last of a long series, I have now, by Your grace, secured in You an excellent eye to enable me to see through this thick veil of darkness, which is so difficult to penetrate. You are no other than the Lord, the most ancient Person and the Ruler of all embodied souls, who has appeared, like the sun, as an eye to the world blinded by ignorance. Now be pleased, my lord, to dispel my great delusion; for the feeling of I-ness with reference to the body and that of mine-ness in respect of all that is connected with it have been inspired by You. For ascertaining the true nature of Prakrti (Matter) and Purusa (Spirit) I have sought refuge in You, who afford protection to all and are a veritable axe to the tree of metempsychosis in the case of Your devotees. I bow to You, the foremost of those knowing the secret of true religion. Maitreya continued : On hearing of His mother's innocent desire, which was calculated to stimulate in men the longing for liberation, the Lord, who is the goal of noble souls that have subdued their self, mentally approved of it and spoke as follows, His countenance beaming with a gentle smile. The Lord said : In my opinion the only means to final beatitude is Yoga in the form of contemplation on the Supreme Spirit, which is characterized by absolute cessation of both joy and sorrow. I shall now explain to you that very Yoga, which is perfect in every limb, and which I taught of yore to sages (like Narada), who were keen to hear of it, O virtuous lady. Mind alone is held responsible for the bondage and emancipation of the soul. Attached to the objects of senses, it leads to bondage; when, however, it develops affinity to the Supreme Person, it brings liberation to the soul. When the mind is purged of its impurities in the form of lust, greed etc.-which have their root in the sense of I-ness and mine-ness--and becomes pure, it grows indifferent to pleasure and pain and gets equipoised.



  1. (vide verse 18 of the preceding discourse)

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