Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 6 Chapter 19:1-13

Book 6: Chapter 19

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 6: Chapter 19: Verses 1-13
The procedure of observing the sacred vow of Pumsavana

The king (Pariksit) said : I wish to know the procedure of observing the (sacred) vow of Pumsavana, which has just been mentioned by you, 0 holy one, and by which Lord Visnu is (easily) propitiated. Sri Suka replied : A wife should start observing this vow, which is calculated to grant all one's desires, from the very first day of the bright fortnight of (the month of) Margasirsa with the permission of her husband. Having listened to the story of the birth of the Maruts (the forty-nine wind-gods) and (duly) consulted the Brahmanas, she should after cleaning her teeth and finishing her bath cover herself with a pair of white pieces of cloth and adorn herself (with ornaments). She should (then) worship the Lord along with His (divine Consort) Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity) before her breakfast (and pray:) "Whatever You already have is enough for You, (absolutely) unconcerned as You are, 0 Lord whose desire is (ever) sated ! My obeisance be to You, the Lord of Mahalaksmi (who embodies in Herself the highest glory and fortune) ! Hail to You, the Abode of all mystic powers ! You are fully endowed with compassion, fortune, glory, majesty, virility and all other excellences, O Lord; You are therefore the almighty Ruler. O (divine) Consort of Lord Visnu, O Embodiment of marvellous powers, possessing as You do the characteristics of the Supreme Person, may You be pleased with me, 0 highly blessed one. (My) obeisance be to You, O Mother of the universe !"

"Hail to Lord Visnu (the Supreme Person), denoted by the mystical syllable OM and possessed of the highest glory, the Spouse of Goddess Mahalaksmi I Let me offer worship to You along with Your highest potencies (Goddess Laksmi and others) !" While repeating this sacred text the worshipper should offer everyday to Lord Visnu with a concentrated mind (loving) invocation, water to wash His hands and feet and rinse His mouth and water for His bath, a pair of pieces of linen to cover His Body, a sacred thread and ornaments, sandal-paste, flowers, burning incense, light, food and other articles of worship. Out of the food left after being offered to the Lord one should pour twelve oblations into the sacred fire'while repeating the following prayer:-"Hail to Lord Visnu (the Supreme Person), denoted by the mystical syllable OM, the Spouse of Goddess Mahalaksmi ! I offer this oblation to Him!!" One should duly worship with devotion everyday Goddess Sri and (Her Consort) Lord Visnu, both of whom are disposed to confer boons (on Their devotees) and yield one's desired blessings in an abundant degree, if one is desirous of having all kinds of fortune. (Nay,) one should fall prostrate on the ground with a mind humble through devotion, repeat the aforementioned sacred text ten times and (then) utter the following hymn:- "You are the Sovereigns of the universe as well as the ultimate cause of the world. (And) She (Mahalaksmi) is undoubtedly the unmanifest Prakrti (primordial matter), as well as the deluding potency, (so) difficult to overcome. You (O Lord) are no other than the Supreme Person, the very Controller of Prakrti. You embody all sacrificial performances; while She is an embodiment of faith (that inspires and sustains all human endeavours to carry on such sacrificial activities). White She is (worldly) activity, You are the enjoyer of its fruit. This goddess is the manifestation of the (three) Gunas (in the form of the universe); while You are the Time-Spirit (that prompts the three Gunas to manifest themselves in this way) as well as the Cosmic Person (who enjoys the Gunas so manifested). (Again,) You are the Soul of all embodied beings; while Goddess Sri represents their body, the senses and the inner sense. (Nay,) the almighty goddess represents the various names and forms (constituting the universe); while You are their illuminator and ground.



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