Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 31:1-8

Book 10: Thirty-one Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 31: Verses 1-8
The Gopis` Song (at the Lord's disappearance) during the Rasa Play

The Gopis sang : Vraja shines all the more brightly by Your descent (in the house of Nanda and Yasoda); for Laksmi (the goddess of beauty and prosperity) constantly dwells here (from that time in order to catch Your glimpse). 0 beloved Lord ! please (reveal Yourself and) see how Your sweethearts, who have centred their fife in You, are searching for You in every quarter. Is it no massacring here on Your part, 0 Granter of boons, who kill us, Your gratuitous slaves, 0 Bestower of enjoyment, by Your (shaft-like) eyes, that steal the splendour of the interior of a lovely and full-blown lotus growing in an autumnal pond ? We have been saved by You time and again, 0 jewel among men, from death through poisonous water, from (the clutches of) a demon disguised as a snake (Aghasura by name), from showers and storm as well as from strokes of lightning, from the demon that appeared in the form of a calf (the young of a bull) as well as from Vyomasura[1] (the son of the demon Maya), nay, from every (other) peril.
Surely You are no (mere) son of a cowherd woman (Yasoda), being the witness of the internal sense (viz., the mind) of all embodied souls.
Solicited by Brahma, You appeared, 0 Friend, in the race of the Yadus for the protection of the universe. Place on our head, 0 beloved Lord, Your lotus-like palm, that has vouchsafed protection, 0 Chief of the Vrsnis, to those that have sought Your feet from fear of transmigration, (nay,) which grants (all) desires and has clasped the hand of Sri (as a part of the marriage ceremony). 0 Alleviator of the suffering of the people of Vraja, 0 gallant Lord, whose (very) smile crushes the pride (born of unrequited love) of Your own people, accept (in Your service), 0 Friend, us, Your (avowed) servants and reveal to us (poor women) Your charming lotus-like countenance. Set on our bosom Your lotus-feet-which dissipate the sins of (all) embodied beings that bow down to You, which follow (out of affection even) animals that live on grass, (nay,) which are the abode of beauty and prosperity and which were (dauntlessly) placed on the hoods of a (terrible) snake (Kaliya)-and thereby soothe the pangs of love pent up in our heart. (Pray,) revive with the nectar of Your lips 0 valiant one, these women, in the person of ourselves, who are ready to do Your bidding and who are getting charmed, 0 Lord with lotus eyes, by Your melodious speech, consisting of delightful expressions and pleasing (even) to the learned.



  1. Vide Discourse XXXVII below. According to a learned and saintly commentator the incident relating to Vyomasura took place before the Rasa-Lila even though it is described by the sage Suka later.

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