Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 6:1-16

Book 9: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 6: Verses 1-16
The posterity of ikswaku : the stories of Mandhata and the sage Saubhari

Sri Suka resumed : Virupa, Ketuman and Sambhu were the three sons of Ambarisa. From (the loins of) Virupa (the eldest of the three) sprang up Prsadaswa and the latter's son was Rathitara. Prayed to for progeny (to continue the thread of Rathitara's line), the (celebrated) sage Angira (a mind-born son of Brahma) begot through the wife of Rathitara, who was issueless, (a number of) sons invested with a glory resulting from the knowledge of the Vedas. Though born of the wife of Rathitara (and therefore deserving the family name of Rathitaras), they actually became known as Angirasas (those sprung from the loins of Angira). They were (recognized as) the foremost of the Rathitaras (the other progeny of Rathitara and their posterity), being Brahmanas endowed with the (martial) qualities of Ksatriyas. From the nostrils of Vaivaswata Manu, even while he was sneezing, sprang up a son (called) Ikswaku. Of his hundred sons, Vikuksi, Nimi and Dandaka were the eldest. Of those (hundred sons) twenty-five became rulers (of small provinces) in the eastern quarter of A hear by (virtue of) what deeds he earned these (three) names. (In those very days) there was a conflict of the gods with the demons-a conflict which (all but) wiped out the (entire) creation. The hero (in the person of Puranjaya) was enlisted as an ally by the gods, (that had been) vanquished by the Daityas. Desired (by Puranjaya) for the role of a mount to him, Indra assumed the form of a gigantic bull at the instance of Lord Visnu, the god of gods and the soul of the universe. Protected by an armour and taking a celestial bow and sharp arrows, Puranjaya, who was eager to fight, rode on the back of the bull, while being praised (by the gods), and took his seat on its hump. Invigorated by the strength of Lord Visnu, the most ancient Person and the supreme Spirit, he besieged with the help of the gods the city of the Daityas in the west.



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