Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 4:1-16

Book 7: Chapter 4

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 4: Verses 1-16
Hiranyakasipu's atrocities and Prahrada's virtues recounted

Narada began again : Thus solicited and pleased with the asceticism of Hiranyakaipu, Brahma then conferred on him boons which are most difficult to obtain. Brahma said : These boons, my child, which you seek of me, cannot be easily secured by living beings. Nevertheless, I confer (on you), 0 dear one, those very boons though (so) difficult to obtain. The glorious and mighty Brahma of unfailing grace thereupon returned (to his abode), worshipped by Hiranyakasipu (the foremost of the demons) and being (still) extolled by the lords of created beings. Having thus secured boons (desired by him) and acquiring a golden (effulgent) form, the demon (Hiranyakasipu) nursed a grudge against the Lord, constantly recollecting as he did the death (at His hands) of his (younger) brother (Hiranyaksa). Having completely subjugated all the (four) quarters as well as the three spheres (heaven, earth and the intermediate region) and having conquered and brought under control the gods and demons, rulers of men, Gandharvas (celestial musicians), birds of the species known by the name of Garuda (secretary bird) and serpents, Siddhas (a class of demigods endowed with mystic powers from their very birth), Caranas (celestial bards) and Vidyadharas (heavenly artistes), Rsis (seers), the chiefs of the manes, Manus (progenitors of mankind, each presiding over a Manvantara), the lords of the Yaksas (another class of demigods), Raksasas (ogres) and Pisacas (goblins), the leaders of the Pretas (evil spirits) and Bhutas (ghosts) as well as the rulers of all other species of living beings, the great Asura (Hiranyakasipu), who had (thus) conquered the (whole) universe, now usurped the thrones of guardians of the (various) spheres along with their glory.

He established himself in heaven, (which is) enriched with the beauty of the celestial garden (known by the name of Nandana), and took up his residence in the palace of the mighty Indra, built by Viswakarma (the architect of the gods) himself, the abode of the wealth of all the three worlds and rich in all luxuries, where there are stairs of corals, floors of most precious emeralds, walls of crystals and rows of pillars of cat's-eyes, canopies of various designs and wonderful workmanship, thrones of rubies and beddings white as the foam of milk and fringed with festoons of pearls, and where celestial ladies possessed of charming teeth and producing a sweet sound with their jingling anklets here and there see their pretty faces (reflected) in the pavements of precious stones. In that palace of the great Indra revelled the mighty and proud Hiranyakasipu, who had conquered (all) the worlds and was (now) their sole monarch, (nay,) whose feet were respectfully tended by gods and others severely oppressed by him and who ruled with a strong and iron hand. Upon him, O dear one-who remained inebriate with a strong-smelling wine and whose coppery eyes ever kept rolling (through intoxication), (nay,) who was a reservoir of austerity, Yoga (concentration of mind) and strength of body and acuteness of the senses-waited with presents (of various kinds) in their hands all the protectors of the worlds barring (of course) three (viz., Brahma, Visnu and Siva). Him, who had occupied the throne of the great Indra by (sheer) force, glorified (the celebrated Gandharvas) Viswavasu and Tumburu and singers such as myself (Narada). (Nay, other) Gandharvas and Siddhas as well as seers, Vidyadharas and Apsaras (celestial nymphs), O son of Pandu, extolled him again and again. Propitiated by men belonging to the different Varnas (grades of society) and Asramas (stages in life) through sacrifices with liberal gifts, he alone appropriated (all) the sacrificial offerings by his own might. The earth consisting of its seven Dwipas (principal divisions) yielded to him (all) its produce unploughed; even so heaven showered (on him) everything desired; while the sky presented many a wonderful phenomenon.



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