Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 3:1-15

Book 4: Chapter 3

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 3: Verses 1-15
Ill feeling between Lord Siva and Daksa

Maitreya resumed: While Lord Siva (the son-in-law) and Daksa (the father-in-law) thus continued to bear lasting enmity to each other, a very long time elapsed. Now that Daksa was installed by Brahma the highest of the gods, as the chief of all the lords of created beings, he was puffed up with pride. Having performed a Vajapeya sacrifice, and insulted (by his overbearing demeanour) those who were most skilled in sacred knowledge, he (now) commenced the greatest of all sacrifices, known by the name of Brhaspati-Sava.[1] In that sacrifice all the Brahmana seers as well as celestial sages, manes and gods were adorned with all kinds of jewels; and their wives too were similarly adorned along with their husbands. At that time Goddess Sati, daughter of Daksa, heard of the great sacrificial festival at her father's from the mouth of heavenly beings who were passing through the air and talking loudly (of that festival). She also saw charming spouses of demigods (Gandharvas and Yaksas) with rolling eyes, dressed in fine costumes and adorned with polished ear-rings and wearing gold ornaments round their necks, flying in their aerial cars with their husbands from all directions past her own abode. In her eagerness (to join the festival) she (thus) spoke to her Consort, God Siva (the lord of the ghosts). Sati said: I hear a grand sacrificial festival has been set on foot at the resdence of your father-in -law, the lord of created beings. let us also move thither, if You so desire, O Vamadeva; these heavenly beings are (all) going there. My sisters will surely attend it with their husbands in their eagerness to see their kinsfolk. I too long to be there with Your and receive the presents that will be bestowed (on me by my parents). There i hope to see my own sisters, the esteemed of their spouses, as well as my mother's sisters and (above all) my own motherm, whose mind is so full affection for me, for all of whom my heart has been yearning for a long time. And i shall also see, my blissful lord, the great sacrifice whichis being performed by eminent seers. (Undoubtedly) this wonderful creation, consisting of the three Gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) and brought forth by your own Maya, appears in You. nevertheless I, a pitiable woman, and ignorant of Your reality, long to see my native place, O birthless Siva (the ultimate source of the universe). Behold, my birthless lord other women (in no way connected with my parents), also richly adorned, going with their consorts in large numbers. The sky looks charming with their moving aerial cars, white as swans, o Lord with a dark spot in the throat (caused by swallowing a most deadly poison in the interest of the world[2]). how can the (mind and ) body of a daughter remain unmoved, O Chief of the gods, on hearing of a festivity at the house of her parents? People go to the house of their husband, preceptor, parents and other near and dear ones even uninvited. therefore, compassionate as You are, be pleased to grant this desire of mine O immortal lord! Though possessed of infinite wisdom, You have located me in the (left) half of Your person (and accepted the appellation of Ardhanariswara); (therefore) do me this The sage resumen: thus importuned by his beloved spouse, Siva (the Lord of Kailasa) who is so loving to His relations, was reminded of the shaft-like ords of reproach that Daksa had uttered in the presence of the other lords of created being, and which were cutting to the quick. He, therefore, laughed and made the following reply.



  1. It is laid down in the rutis that after performing a Vajapeya sacrifice one should next undertake what is known as a Brhaspati-Sava_
  2. Vide verses 40-43 of Discourse VII of Book Eight.

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