Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 9:1-13

Book 11: Chapter 9

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 9: Verses 1-13

The Brahmana said : The source of misery is indeed the acquisition of whatever men love most. One who knows this and desires no acquisition enjoys everlasting happiness. The stronger ospreys which had no flesh attacked the osprey which had it. The latter then dropped the piece of flesh and felt happy. I feel neither honour nor dishonour; I have no care which householders have for home and children. Like a child (free from care) I wander in the world sporting in the Self and devoted to it. Only two are free from cares and anxieties and are immersed in supreme bliss-the ignorant and guileless child and he who has transcended the three Gunas (and realized the Supreme Being). in a certain place, a maiden herself had to attend to the comforts of those who came to her house to choose her fora bride when her relations had gone away to some other place. O king, while she was pounding paddy aside to provide them food, the bangles of shells on her wrists made a loud jingling sound. The (wise) girl, feeling much ashamed of doing the humiliating task herself, broke the bangles one by one, and retained only two each on her wrists. Even the two,bangles produced sound as she pounded (the paddy), she again broke one each (so that) the remaining one each did not produce any sound. And the following lesson I learnt from her, 0 subduer of enemies, as I wandered in this wide world to know what was desirable and what was to be shunned. Where many dwell together quarrel would ensue; even between two living together there is talk. Therefore one should wander alone as the single bangle on the wrists of the maiden. One should steady the mind on one thing by controlling it as well as the breath, and by acquiring a steady pose and remaining vigilant practising dispassion and concentration. The mind is to be steadied on That One, established in which it slowly renounce the desire for actions and, developing the Sattva Guna controls the Rajasika and Tamasika impulses and in their absence attains absorption in contemplation. Just as the maker of arrows absorbed in his work did not see the king passing by him, so the man who has concentrated his mind on the Self does not know anything inside or outside.



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