Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 5:1-9

Book 5: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 5: Verses 1-9
Lord Rsabhadeva instructs His sons and Himself takes to the life of an ascetic who has shaken off worldly feeling and obligation

Lord Rsabha began : This (human) body in the mortal world does not deserve to be given up to (the pursuit of) sensuous pleasures, which are (really) a source of misery and which are enjoyed even by swine, dogs and other animals (that feed on ordure). It is worthy of being devoted, My beloved sons, to sublime austerities whereby the mind is purified; and from purity of mind follows the unending bliss of absorption into the Absolute. The wise speak of service rendered to exalted souls as an open gate to liberation and the fellowship of those who are fond of women as the door opening into hell. (And) they alone are (really) great who are even-minded, exceptionally calm and composed, free from anger, kind-hearted and pious or again they who regard love offered to Me as the (only) object of human pursuit, who take no delight in (the company of) men (solely) engaged in pursuits (merely) calculated to nourish their body nor in a household consisting of wife, children and (earthly) riches, and who have no selfish interest in the world beyond the maintenance of their body.

An erring soul commits sin only when he endeavours to gratify his senses. I (however) do not regard those actions as good, from which has followed this body, which though (really) non-existent, is (yet) a source of misery to the Jiva. The real nature of the soul remains obscure due to ignorance only so long as the Jiva does not enquire into the truth about the Spirit. (Again) so long as actions continue to be performed, the mind remains disposed to activity, and it is due to such a mind that the Jiva remains tied to a body (The true nature of) the Spirit being thus veiled by ignorance, the past actions of a man render his mind prone to activity. And so long as there is no love for Me, Lord Vasudeva, the Jiva is not rid of its identification with a body. So long as the Jiva, oblivious of its (real) self-interest, does not come to its senses and realize the activity of the Indriyas (the senses of perception and the organs of action) as unreal (something not belonging to it), the fool soon forgets its own essential nature and finding a home providing sexual enjoyment (as a characteristic feature), suffers torments (of various kinds) there. wise speak of it as another The union as husband and wife of a man he subtle knot in children, kinsmen and wealth as either himself or his own. When (however) the hard knot in the shape of mind--formed in the heart of this Jiva by its Karmas (past actions)-gets loose, then (and then alone) does it turn its back on this relation of husband and wife and shedding its ego (the cause of transmigration) and freed from all bondage, reaches the Supreme.



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